You know how I’ve complained about my crazy neighbors in the past?  Well, last night it reached a whole new level.  And let me just tell you, it was scary.

T and I were having a nice relaxing evening at home.  We’d ordered pizza and watched Death to Smoochy (such an awesome movie), and were about to start an episode of Chopped, when we heard some commotion coming from next door.  It was about 10:30, and doors were slamming and people were yelling at each other.  Being nosy, we peeked out the window to see crazy Jane, Joe and Jane’s weirdo sketchbag brother arguing very loudly by their cars.  They were cussing each other out and yelling at one another.  Then we heard a car peel out of the parking space and Jane started screaming.

By this point T and I started to get freaked out, so we opened up the front door to see crazy brother, reversing into another parking spot.  He then put the car in drive and and gunned it straight at Joe, whom he hit.  Joe flew up onto the hood, then fell under the car.  I started to panic at this point and called 9-1-1.  If Joe hadn’t flown up on the hood, I’m fairly sure he would be seriously injured or dead because he got hit at 15-20 MPH.

While I was on the phone with the 9-1-1 operator, Joe limped over to the brother and they began screaming at each other, and Joe was trying to hit him.  Joe was limping pretty badly, so the brother got back into his car, peeled out again, and drove off.  I explained the whole situation to the operator and told her to send the police.

T and I were pretty shaken up after the whole ordeal.  Jane and Joe scurried off to their house and went inside.  About 10 minutes after I made the call, I heard sirens in the distance and began to felt a little relief.  While we were waiting for the police to show up, T and I were on the porch having a cig, and we could hear Joe screaming at Jane about her crazy ass brother and how he’d broken his leg.

As the sirens got closer T and I went back inside to wait.  All of a sudden we saw flashing lights, so we opened the door.  It was the fucking fire department.  Apparently Jane had called and asked them to send an ambulance or something.  I’m still very confused about why the fire truck came out.  Shortly after its arrival, an ambulance pulled in.  But still no cops.

We were about to head outside to tell the firemen what happened, when Jane and John came out and started telling their story.  We didn’t hear the whole thing, but it sounded pretty much like they were trying to cover their asses and the brother’s.  John refused medical attention, even though he was limping really badly.  They even started fighting in front of the firemen and EMTs (seriously?).   A couple of them came inside to ask us what we had seen, so we told them what really went down.

Around 11, the police finally showed up.  Of course the officer went to their house first to talk to them.  When I saw him leave, I stuck my head out and waved him over to tell him what really happened.  He basically told us that if they were still getting crazy and fighting, to call the police again.  Regarding the brother, they couldn’t do anything if Joe didn’t want to press charges.  The last time I checked, hit and run was a pretty serious crime, even if the person hit doesn’t want to press charges.  But the police didn’t sound like they were trying to find the guy.  That really makes me angry.  The brother could have hit another person – I’m pretty sure I saw another lady out there who was walking her dog when it all started going down.  He could have hit my cats if they were outside or someone’s car.  It’s ridiculous that cops are pulling people over for burned out tail lights, but not looking for a (I’m pretty sure he was drunk or high) hit and run driver.  That is very disturbing.

During this whole ordeal, T and I never saw another neighbor stick their head outside.  I know it’s not nice to pry or be nosy, but when you hear people screaming, fighting, squealing car tires, and the thud of a person getting hit, don’t you think that maybe you should call the police?

Overall, the whole situation was pretty intense.  T and I were shaken up by the whole thing.  Of course Jane and Joe kept yelling and screaming and slamming doors for about 30 minutes after the cop left.  I was tempted to call the cops again, but knew by the time someone showed up, it’d be over.

So, that was my Tuesday night…How was yours?