Yesterday was one of those really peculiar weather days.  When I woke up, it was rainy – nothing really torrential, just a steady rain.  I checked the weather and noticed the temperature would be in the 60s.  Not too shabby.  As I left for work, I kept the bedroom windows open so the cats could lay in them and look outside during the day.  Then I got in my car and headed to work.  Nothing was out of the ordinary.

As I pulled into work, I noticed that it suddenly looked very windy outside.  I didn’t think anything of it since it was still raining and opened up the car door.  This wind, was intense.  As I reached my arm out to open my umbrella, the forceful gusts kept blowing my door shut.  Finally, I opened the umbrella inside my car as much as I could and jumped out.  The wind nearly ripped my umbrella out of my hand, and it flipped my umbrella inside out.  😦  My hair was blowing all over the place, and I could barely see because it kept covering my face.

I made it inside the office, looking all kinds of disheveled.  I headed into my office to start up my computer and get to work.  The wind had other ideas.  The winds were blowing at 20-25 miles per hour, with gusts up to 35 mph, which caused our power to flicker in and out.  This meant that our computers kept getting shut off.  I swear I re-booted at least 5 times.  A tree also blew over and fell into the street right in front of the office.  The guys outside cleaning it up were getting pelted with garbage that had blown away before the truck could come pick it up, and their hats were blowing up the streets.

All of the wind made me panic a bit since I’d left our bedroom windows open.  Luckily T was working downtown, so he was able to go home and close them.  One his way he encountered multiple fallen trees right outside of our neighborhood and downed power lines.  We didn’t have power while he was there, but it was back on last night.  Some of our friends aren’t so lucky – they may not get their electrcity back until Wednesday.

Around noon, the wind just suddenly stopped and so did the rain.  It was just a bit overcast, but overall it was an ok day.  Since it had gotten nice out again, I opened our bedroom windows last night before we went to bed.  Big mistake.  In the early hours of the morning, the worst thunderstorm was situated directly over our condo.

I awoke to the loudest crashes of thunder I have ever heard.  I seriously jumped up in bed, so did the cats.  The wind was howling, lighting was crashing, it was raining so hard, and at one point it hailed.  It was so loud outside, that I had to close the windows (for some reason it never rained into the room).  And then I got paranoid.  With it being so stormy out, I was convinced that a tornado would come and tear us and the house away while we were sleeping.  So I kept myself awake listening for the tell-tale sound of a tornado – train-like sounds.  Luckily there were none, but man am I exhausted today from all of the waking up I did last night.

I am so over this funky weather and can’t wait till it gets nice out again.  I know we are in a drought, but damn can someone cut us a break in the crazy storms department?