We spent Saturday night and Sunday at my parents’ house to celebrate Easter. It’s always so much fun when T and I and Little and her boyfriend JT get together with my parents.

We got there a little after 5, and we were hungry. Little S and I had ordered all of these German items from an online deli that we were planning on eating for dinner. But JT had also picked up some Vietnamese subs on the way to my parents’ house.  Since we were starving, we decided to munch on them a little. Oh my God, they were so delicious. We couldn’t stop eating them.  If you live anywhere near a good Vietnamese place, I highly recommend trying one.

Later that evening, we invited our German neighbors over to enjoy a genuine German feast.  We had bratwursts, leberkaese, real German rolls (semmels), cucumber salad and potato salad.  And it was so good, especially when it’s washed down with an ice cold German beer!  After our meal, we all mosied into the basement where the guys played darts and the girls played poker.

On Easter Sunday, all the kids woke up and searched for the baskets that the “Easter Bunny” hid for us.  It’s so funny that we are all grown up, but still hunt for our baskets.  That’s what I love about my family.  You are never too old for some stuff.

After we all found our goodies, we had a leisurely breakfast.  What I love so much about Easter with my family is that we box our hard boiled eggs when we eat them.  Basically this means that 2 people each take an egg and then knock them together.  The person with the unbroken egg wins the battle.  The losers eat their colorful breakfast staples and the winner may keep their egg for later boxing match.

Most of Sunday was pretty relaxed.  My mom and I cooked our Easter dinner – veal osso bucco.  We also marinated a red peppers, asparagus, red onions, and squash so we could grill them up as a side dish.  While out food was cooking, we engaged in some family-friendly competition with a few games of croquet.  My family is seriously obsessed with that game.  It’s so much fun, and we have been playing since Little S and I were in elementary school.

After croquet, we stuffed ourselves with copious amounts of veal, pasta, veggies and wine.  It was all so good!  Then since we all had a little buzz going on, we decided to play 2 games of Pictionary (the family’s favorite game).  T and I won the first round, and the girls won the second.  It was so much fun.  I was bummed when we realized that it was after 11, and we had to head back to Atlanta.

I just want to brag a little and say that I have the best family ever.  We all feel so comfortable around my parents, and can be our true selves.  We don’t have to watch what we say or not have a drink because they are there.  The best thing is, is that they are joining us and we are all enjoying each other’s company.

How was your Easter?  Do you have any special family traditions that make the holiday special each year?