Guys, we are really doing it.  T and I are going to start looking for a house!  We’ve been bouncing the idea around now for a couple of weeks.  We both just keep perusing real estate Web sites to find areas that look cool with affordable housing.  Then the mortgage rates dropped, and we knew it was time.

On Monday I called our realtor Diana to get the home buying process started.  She is super excited for us, and can’t wait to help us find our first house.  She was the person who helped me find the condo in 2006 (she also sold Little S hers and JD hers).  She’s already provided us with information on what condos are selling for in our current neighborhood, and she’s connected us with a mortgage broker so we can see how much T qualifies for, for a loan.

I know you may be asking, why are we just checking for T?  Well, I bought our condo in 2006 since he was still in grad school.  This means that I am not eligible for the first time home buyers credit.  Since his name is not on our current mortgage, he is eligible.   So, we will be buying our first house in his name only.  But, it is well worth it to qualify for the 2009 First Time Home Buyers Tax Credit.

Buying a new place will put a huge dent in our savings, especially if we aren’t able to sell our condo right away.  I’m hoping that if we can’t sell it, we’ll be able to lease it or we’ll land a lease to own deal.  But that tax credit will definitely help build our savings back up.

Our condo is such a perfect place, in a great location.  We are in Atlanta, but we have so much green space.  Right behind our patio is a huge grassy quad, where all the neighbors take their dogs out to play.  I really do love it, and will miss it.  But we need some more space.  And a bigger kitchen.  We love to cook, but our kitchen is just so tiny.  We barely have any counter space, especially after receiving all of our wedding registry kitchen items.  Don’t even get me started on storage space in general…

Our realtor wants to come by soon to check out the place, which means we really need to get our asses in gear.  Our guest room is a disaster area!  For the past 3 years, it’s been the catch all for all of our random junk.  The closet is unusable since it is filled with boxes of T’s crap from college – old clothes, books, and God knows what else.  The room itself has little space because we have a large futon in there that opens to a full bed, a small futon that opens to a single bed, and two corner desks that take up a whole wall when pushed together.  Now that Little S’s roomie has moved out, we’ll give her the small futon back and one of the desks.   For the rest of the stuff – we need to have a major yard sale or give it all to charity.

I’m super excited about this whole process.  I’m hoping we can score a newer (built in the 2000’s) Craftsman style house.  I’m obsessed with the way they look.  I love how they have open floor plans, large kitchens (squee), and lots of patio space.  I’m also hoping we can find a place with a decent sized yard so that we can eventually get a dog!  🙂

I guess we really are growing up!