T’s birthday was on Friday, so all of our friends and  I planned a weekend full of fun to help him celebrate.

Friday night we hit up a tapas bar for drinks and dinner.  We decided to not stay out too late since we were going camping the next day.

We had been planning to go camping for about a week.  Little S and her boyfriend JT had been talking about it.  At first T was a little hesitant because he wanted to hang out with friends on his birthday.  But once we told a few people, they were on board and super psyched, and so were we.  Since the only camping I have ever done was in my dad’s old army pup tents in the back yard, and T’s camping gear was in NY, I took it upon myself to order us a camping kit.  Yeah, you heard right.  A camping kit.

It’s really cool and came with a bunch of stuff that ended up being super handy once we got to our site.  It came with a tent, 2 sleeping bags and 2 pads, two chairs, a remote controlled lantern and marshmallow roasting forks.  Our more seasoned camping friends made fun of me for ordering the kit, but they weren’t laughing when my lantern and marshmallow roasters were needed.  🙂

camping-kitIt has everything you really need when out in the wilderness!

Now, I like being outside as much as the next person, but I am not down for having to do my business in the wilderness without a bathroom.  Luckily, the type of camping we did is what our friend Sid calls car camping.  This basically means that you drive up to your site, and set up shop in the vicinity of your car.  There are also bathrooms close by.  This is totally my type of camping!  Maybe one of these days I’ll be ready for camping the requires a long hike to the site and no bathrooms, but just not quite yet.

We had an awesome spot!  We were right on a lake, so we could watch all the boaters and fishers drift by.  A couple of our friends brought their dogs, and they had a blast swimming all day.  We grilled an insane amount of meat – chicken drumsticks, brats, hot dogs.  We brought Little S’s beer pong table and cornhole* for entertainment.  We also had the perfect weather, until the sun went down.  It was probably around 70 degrees during the day, but it dropped into the 40s at night, so it was a tad chilly.  I was fine around the fire pit, but in the tent I froze a little bit.

Speaking of the tent, sleeping while camping was not so much fun.  For some strange reason the area you had to set the tents up on is gravel (stupid, I know).  We had our little sleeping pads and bags, but they didn’t do much to battle the unforgiving ground.  I seriously thought we’d be in grass or pine straw.  Needless to say, I didn’t sleep very well because sleeping on rocks is painful, especially when you are a side sleeper.  I basically woke up every few hours to turn over because my arms would go numb.  Next time an air mattress will be coming with us.

Also, sleeping in a tent when it is only 40 degrees outside is cold!  I left our little vents on the top of our tent uncovered because I thought it would get stuffy in there.  Boy was I wrong.  It was freezing!  I thought my poor nose would freeze and fall right off my face.  At one point I put my sweatshirt hood on my head in the hopes of keeping some of my body heat in.  I suppose it helped some.

All in all, I had a ton of fun camping.  Our group of friends is great, so they make any situation more entertaining.  I would definitely go again, but maybe I’d wait till it got a tad warmer out.

For your viewing pleasure, some photos:


T and me sharing a hug during a cornhole game break.  See how close the lake was?


My first time setting up a real tent.  Notice the gravel pit we are in?


The girls of camping – CMc, Little S, Me and JJ

*Cornhole is a game where you have 2 teams that toss bean bags at boards with holes in them.  You get points by getting your bean bag to land in the hole or closest to it.