Some of you may remember hearing about my special next door neighbors back in January.  Well, of course nothing has changed and things are still crazy over there.

Back in February, we had some friends over and we were playing Rock Band before we went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  All of a sudden there was a knock on the front door.  I opened it and saw it was crazy Jane from next door.  She waved me outside because she had to ask me something that she didn’t want everyone else inside to hear.  I reluctantly stepped outside (it was pouring rain and I was not about to get drenched) and asked her what’s up.  She asked if I had $10 that she could have.  I looked at her, slightly in shock, and told her I usually don’t carry much cash with me.  Then she explained that she really wanted to buy some cigs and had no money.  I found her $5 and gave it to her.  I still  haven’t seen that money, FYI.  But seriously?  You are 40-something.  You should not be bumming cash off your 26 year old neighbors.

A few weeks later, T and I and some friends were on our way up to Athens, when Jane pulled up.  She got out of her car and asked if we’d heard about Joe.  We told her no, we hadn’t.  That is when she proceeded to tell us that he managed to flip his little Miata over on one of the windy roads right outside of our neighborhood the Saturday prior.  Here’s the kicker with this whole story.  After he crashed, he got out of the overturned car, flagged someone down (it was 6 a.m. on a Saturday) and had them drive him home.  Um, wouldn’t calling 9-1-1 be a safer option?  He ended up having some broken neck bones, but nothing super serious.  The Miata is also no more.

Since the Miata is gone, they now only have a Subaru station wagon thing (the other Miata bit the dust a while ago).  This station wagon has had a busted out back window since November (we noticed it after T’s incident), and it still has not been replaced.  The other week, I came home from work and noticed that the whole right front side (including the light) was smashed up, like the car had been crashed into something.  It also hasn’t been fixed.  They also have to open and close the hood each time the car needs to get turned on and off (this is awesome in the spring when we have the windows in our room open and can hear the clank of the hood at all hours of the night and morning).

Besides crazy Jane and Joe, Jane’s weirdo sketchbag brother is hanging around now.  In the winter, he looks like a reject Marlboro Man.  He walks around in tight, light jeans, cowboy boots, and ratty trench coat.  He has some beat up Volvo station wagon, full of crap, that he insists on working on in the parking lot.  He doesn’t even live here!  Then, what I love the most about him, is that he sits in his POS with the windows rolled down and blares God awful music on repeat.  Loud enough for us to hear inside.   Last Friday when I came home, his car was all smashed up too.  The whole right side was crunched in like he’d crashed into a pole and just kept going.  There is also a suspicious circular crack in the windshield that looks like someone’s head smashed into it.

I seriously think these people are on some kind of drugs.  They are always out of it!  Their cars are completely banged up.  They drive like maniacs through the parking lot, which really annoys me.  There are kids that live on our street, as well as a lot of people with animals.  I’m afraid one day they’re going to hit someone or something.  With the way they drive, I’m surprised they haven’t taken out any of the cars in the parking lot!

I wonder if enough people complain if we’d be able to evict them?  Or maybe they’ll just get foreclosed on and someone nice and wonderful will move next door.  Fingers crossed!