This morning as I was taking my shower, I started to think about all of the toys I played with growing up.  And how much they have changed in the 20-something years it’s been since I last used them to entertain myself for hours on end.  I am going to dedicate this post to some of my favorite toys of the 80s and 90s.

In no particular order…

1.  Little People


I was obsessed with these guys when I was little.  I think they were seriously one of my favorite toys.  I had the house that opened up so you could see inside, the airport (complete with plane), a school bus and some cars.  They were the weirdest toys, especially because they had no arms, but they provided me (and Little S) with hours of entertainment.  They actually still make these guys, but now they have arms and legs and are bigger.  Maybe too many kids swallowed them back in the day?

2.  Matchbox Pop Up City Car Set

This was seriously one cool ass play toy.  It came in a self-contained case that you could open and voila, a city.  It had a car wash with real spinning sponges, a mechanic’s shop, and maybe even a fast food drive through.  Little S and I would expand playing with our cars outside of the case and create crayon roads that would wind all over her bedroom.  Then we would spend hours driving our cars around, being careful to keep the cats out of her room so they wouldn’t destroy our highways!

3.  Barbies

No little girl could resist Barbie.  We had a decent collection of dolls that we would spend summers playing with for hours on end.  Sometimes we’d even get creative and play salon with them.  Needless to say, some of our Barbies ended up with buzz cuts.  We never had any of the Barbie accessories, except for the cars.  For a house, we’d use Little S’s bed.  The pool was our bathroom sink.  Our Barbies were living the life of luxury I tell you!

4.  My Little Ponies

When we weren’t playing with the Barbies, we hit up the My Little Ponies.  We only had the plastic ones, never any of the fuzzy ones.  We did have a few of the scented ones, and man did they reek!  I had a blue one with an ice cream cone on it, and it did not smell anything remotely like ice cream.  It had a more medicinal odor.  We also had a couple of the ponies with with wings, sparkly eyes and even hair that grew – when you pulled on the mane it got long and the tail became shorter, and vice versa.

5.  Pound Puppies

My love of animals was evident even at a young age.  I had a variety of snuggly Pound Puppies that slept in my bed with me.  I also watched the TV show, which was awesome (at least I thought so when I was a kid).

So, those were some of my favorite toys.  What were your childhood staples?

Happy Weekend!