This weekend was seriously one of those perfect weekends.  The temperatures ranged from the low 70s to the upper 70s, and it was super sunny.  Weekends like that in early March make me love living in Georgia, and also make me laugh because we had snow on the ground a week ago.

Friday after work, a bunch of us went to Sweetwater to enjoy the warm temperatures, beer and music from a live band.  After that, we all reconvened at mi casa to have an impromptu BBQ.  It was a lot of fun.  We grilled chicken, chorizo sausage and bratwurst and sat around on the patio laughing, eating and drinking until the wee hours of Saturday morning.  There is no better way to end a long week than to gather with your friends and relax.  I do love the warmer months since that means it’s Patio Season.

Saturday was a pretty low-key day.  We got up and cleaned up from Friday night’s shindig, then headed to my co-worker’s daughter’s birthday party.  I was told she really likes Cookie Monster, so I was dead set on buying her something Cookie related – the only problem was that he was no where to be found.  So I settled on a cute stuffed Winnie the Pooh doll.  At the party it was the first present she “opened,” and she wouldn’t part ways with it throughout the rest of present time.  Oops – but I was glad she liked it so much.

After the party, we met up with some friends to go bowling.  Bowling is always so funny because there is just the most random mix of people who bowl – you have 20-somethings, families, teenagers, random older folks – add in the black lights and neon colors and it’s just a Cosmic experience.  I broke 100 in both games, so I was happy with myself.

Sunday was by far my most favorite day of the weekend.  T and I woke up early (at least it felt that way due to the time change) and headed to Piedmont Park for a picnic since it was absolutely gorgeous out.  T suggested that we go to Sawicki’s in Decatur to buy our picnic supplies since he’d heard rave reviews about their products.  I am glad we did as we ended up with some really tasty food.  We bought some homemade hummus and seasoned pita points, a lamb sandwich and a Cuban sandwich, then headed to the park.

We had a prime spot on a hill so we could people watch for an extended area, and we were close to the sidewalk so we could watch all the people and dogs stroll by.  You really do see some strange things when people watching – we saw a man, wearing a green dress, Rollerblade by on multiple occasions.

At one point, some friends met up with us and decided to play football.  They were tossing the ball around when someone missed it and it rolled over to the group of people sitting next to us.  The guy nonchalantly stands up and tosses the ball over to us, and that’s when we realize that he was Woody Harrelson.  I shit you not.

We debated whether or not to invite him to play with us, but then we decided not to bother him.  One of the girls with us had her little Jack Russel Terrier with her, and he kept running over to Woody’s blanket, which resulted in a few snacks for the little pup.  When Woody got up to leave later on, he waved at us and told the dog bye.  So I think he knew that we knew who he was.  I also ended up with a bit of a tan – my first for 2009.

After the park, T and I met up with JD and Sargent Sax to go to dinner at Flip since they had never been.  That place is amazing; T and I are obsessed.  The burgers are so unique and delicious, you can’t lose!  Last night I tried the Chorizo Burger and T spent a little chunk of cash to get the American Kobe Burger (the real Kobe Burger is $45).  Both burgers were super delicious.  Mine came with a chorizo patty, hash browns and a fried egg, and T’s had a Kobe beef patty and foie gras on it.  It was super rich but so amazing at the same time!  To end the meal, we split a foie gras milshake, in true fat kid style!