Tomorrow I will be going to my co-worker’s daughter’s first birthday, and I’m kind of excited.  She is the cutest little girl!  And she loves Cookie Monster – I used to be obsessed with him back in the day – so we are getting her a Cookie Monster gift.

My co-worker wants us all to bring pictures of ourselves when we were around 1 year old so all the guests can try to pick out people by their baby pictures.  So I had my parents send some over to me.  There are a few really cute ones, so I thought I’d share.


This is at my baptism.  I think I screamed the whole time, hence the red face.


Dinner time – I loved eating, even back then. Mom sans perm. Lovely 80s European furnishings.


It’s my first birthday! My parents were so young! 25 and 26 – my age now – eek!


My first Christmas, making friends with (or eating) Grover. Check out my awesome toy box.  I’m not sure what I am wearing.  A baby sleeping bag with arm holes?

**UPDATE:  For your viewing pleasure, baby T around 1 year old.



I painted my nails last night while watching the season premier of America’s Next Top Model – I really love that show, but man is Tyra getting cheesier as it goes on.  I really like the way the color looks with my fun and sparkly new ring.  I’m not sure if you can see all of it’s gloriousness in the picture though.

20090306135806I took the picture by the window so you could see the sparkles, but that made the background really dark.


I can’t wait until work is over.  It’s almost 70 degrees out, and we are heading to Sweetwater tonight to soak up some sun and drink beer.  After that, we’re having people over to grill out and just relax.  I love spring time!

Have a great weekend!