There are certain designer items that I constantly see girls drooling over, whether it be purses or shoes, that I just don’t understand.  Am I missing something?  Anytime I scroll through blogs or Web sites, I stumble upon females ready to fork over an arm and a leg for designer shoes or purses that cost an insane amount of cash, and in my opinion, are not worth the hundreds of dollars people pay for them.

Shoes are definitely the one thing I don’t understand spending more than $200 for (I would justify it for nice quality boots, but not just a plain old shoe).  Shoes are meant to cover your feet while walking on the dirty ground.  They get scuffed, stepped on, or damaged by the elements.  I know they are a great way to round out an awesome look, but you will never catch me dropping $800 on a pair of Louboutins!  Especially since some of the designs are so plain.  A black pump should not cost as much as a mortgage payment.

To me it is absolutely ridiculous to spend that kind of money on a shoe, a shoe that you may end up accidentally scuffing walking up some stairs or that will get worn on your right heel from wearing them while driving. I know some of you may say that if you own a pair of super chic and chere shoes, you’d only wear them for special occasions, which seems crazy to me.  If I spent hundreds of dollars on shoes, I’d want to get some wear out of them and not store them in my closet only to come out once a year.

Wouldn’t you rather put that money towards an awesome vacation?  $800 can get you a plane ticket to some pretty nice places.  I’m just saying.

Another thing I don’t understand dropping a month’s salary on is a purse, that may or may not be in style next year.  I know so many people who spend so much money on Burberry or Louis Vuitton bags, which I find to be absolutely hideous!  I don’t care how much status the bags give you, most of them are not attractive.

Plus purses get worn down and set on nasty floors.  I know we’ve all heard how they are just giant germ carriers that hang from our shoulders.  Why would you want to waste such a large chunk of money on that?  I know designer purses probably have a longer shelf life than your no name Target version, but is it really worth hundreds of dollars?  I think not.

The other thing I  can’t even begin to comprehend and get on board with is designer luggage.  Every time I travel, my suitcase ends up with a new scratch, ding or chip.  Why would you purposely buy something so expensive that you know is going to get jacked up by careless baggage carriers?  It just seems like such a waste of your money.

I know I’m a bit ranty about designer stuff, and there are a few things that I will shell out some cash for.  Designer jeans being one of them.  I am tall, so I have a hard time finding pants that are just the right length.  I will shell out the big bucks for a pair of nice jeans if they fit me!

Don’t get me wrong, I love shoes and purses as much as the next girl, you just won’t catch me dropping the big bucks on these items.  But I never said that if it was cute and on mega sale that I wouldn’t buy it! 😉

So what are your thoughts on breaking the bank for designers?  What do you splurge on, and what to you pass up?