As I’m sure many of you know by now, Atlanta received a couple of inches of snow yesterday (which was so random since it was probably 60 degrees out on Saturday, and we were grilling out at some friends’ house Saturday night since it was so warm).  The funny thing about snow is that everyone freaks out when it happens.  My friend was doing her regular Sunday morning grocery shopping and was surprised to find a throng of panicked customers slowly taking out the store’s milk and bread supply.  Why is it that every time it snows, people buy milk and bread?  Those two items are definitely not at the top of my list.  How about some booze or yummy comfort foods instead?

Anyway, since Georgia is so ill-prepared to handle winter weather since it only happens once in a blue moon, schools shut down at any sight of wintry precipitation.  And you know what sucks?  The working world does not.  I was so banking on the office being closed for the day since all schools in a 5-county area were closed due to icy road conditions.  But unfortunately the working world isn’t as cautious as the school system, and it’s so annoying.  Our parking lot was like an ice skating rink this morning.  Not cool!  Would it have been the end of the world to close the office for the day?  I think not.

I was already pissy when I arrived at work, but then I walked into the office and the day got even better.  The heat wasn’t working.  Nothing jump starts your week like walking into a 50 degree office when it’s only 27 degrees outside.  Even though it was cold as hell, my co-worker Mel and I had our fingers crossed that we would get our snow day after all since there was no way we could sit in a freezing cold office all day.  The boss made a phone call to our landlord to fill him in on the drama, and we waited with baited breath.  Then one of the other co-workers (who works part time) walks up to the boss and says, “I bet the battery just died in the thermostat.  Let me see if changing the batteries will fix it.”  Mel and I wanted to punch her in the face.  Stop trying to be helpful and just shut up.  The rest of us don’t get to come in or leave whenever we want!  We are putting in 40 hour weeks, every week and would love a day off.  And of course the new batteries solved the problem.  So now we are still at work.  And it took over an hour to get the temperature in the office up to 70.  HATE!

It’s times like this that I really miss being in school, especially since my university was closed due to the weather.