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The wonderful S at No Tea for You for giving me this award.  It’s a great way to start off a crappy and rainy Friday!  Thanks a bunch! 🙂


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Hi lovelies!  Sorry for the brief absence.  I haven’t been all that busy, but I just haven’t felt like I had the time to sit and write.  I’m sure you know how that is.

Yesterday was mine and T’s 7-month married people anniversary.  It kind of blows my mind.  Seven months ago the 2 of us were getting ready to walk down the aisle and exchange vows.  Craziness! Last year at this time, I was in full on wedding planning mode, and we were getting ready to take our engagement pictures!


This weekend we had lovely weather again, so a group of us made another excursion to Piedmont Park (no celeb sightings this time around) to lounge in the sun and enjoy a lazy Sunday.  A couple of friends brought their doggies, which made me really want to get a dog.  But T and I have decided that we have to wait until we have a real house with a yard.  There is no reason we need to cram 2 people, 2 cats and a dog into a condo.   Speaking of real houses, I think I’m rubbing off on T a little because he has also started doing some house research.  I guess we just have to see where that all goes.


Last night I went to the gym with Little S as I am trying desperately to stop being such a lazy ass.  My sacrifice for Lent is not going quite so well.  I’ve only worked out a few times, but I guess it’s better than nothing, right?  We did triceps, shoulders, back and abs.  Today, I’m hurting…a lot.  But I’m hoping things will get easier, especially if I mix in 30 Day Shred (the killer of all work out tapes).  Keep your fingers crossed that I’m nice and buff by bikini season! 🙂


I need to work on updating my blogroll, it’s been a minute since it’s been refreshed.  If you read my blog and want me to check out yours, let me know!  Or if there is a super cool blog out there that you think I should read, tell me about it.

Sorry for all of the randomness! I promise I won’t disappear for so long again for a while. 🙂

Some of you may remember hearing about my special next door neighbors back in January.  Well, of course nothing has changed and things are still crazy over there.

Back in February, we had some friends over and we were playing Rock Band before we went out to celebrate a friend’s birthday.  All of a sudden there was a knock on the front door.  I opened it and saw it was crazy Jane from next door.  She waved me outside because she had to ask me something that she didn’t want everyone else inside to hear.  I reluctantly stepped outside (it was pouring rain and I was not about to get drenched) and asked her what’s up.  She asked if I had $10 that she could have.  I looked at her, slightly in shock, and told her I usually don’t carry much cash with me.  Then she explained that she really wanted to buy some cigs and had no money.  I found her $5 and gave it to her.  I still  haven’t seen that money, FYI.  But seriously?  You are 40-something.  You should not be bumming cash off your 26 year old neighbors.

A few weeks later, T and I and some friends were on our way up to Athens, when Jane pulled up.  She got out of her car and asked if we’d heard about Joe.  We told her no, we hadn’t.  That is when she proceeded to tell us that he managed to flip his little Miata over on one of the windy roads right outside of our neighborhood the Saturday prior.  Here’s the kicker with this whole story.  After he crashed, he got out of the overturned car, flagged someone down (it was 6 a.m. on a Saturday) and had them drive him home.  Um, wouldn’t calling 9-1-1 be a safer option?  He ended up having some broken neck bones, but nothing super serious.  The Miata is also no more.

Since the Miata is gone, they now only have a Subaru station wagon thing (the other Miata bit the dust a while ago).  This station wagon has had a busted out back window since November (we noticed it after T’s incident), and it still has not been replaced.  The other week, I came home from work and noticed that the whole right front side (including the light) was smashed up, like the car had been crashed into something.  It also hasn’t been fixed.  They also have to open and close the hood each time the car needs to get turned on and off (this is awesome in the spring when we have the windows in our room open and can hear the clank of the hood at all hours of the night and morning).

Besides crazy Jane and Joe, Jane’s weirdo sketchbag brother is hanging around now.  In the winter, he looks like a reject Marlboro Man.  He walks around in tight, light jeans, cowboy boots, and ratty trench coat.  He has some beat up Volvo station wagon, full of crap, that he insists on working on in the parking lot.  He doesn’t even live here!  Then, what I love the most about him, is that he sits in his POS with the windows rolled down and blares God awful music on repeat.  Loud enough for us to hear inside.   Last Friday when I came home, his car was all smashed up too.  The whole right side was crunched in like he’d crashed into a pole and just kept going.  There is also a suspicious circular crack in the windshield that looks like someone’s head smashed into it.

I seriously think these people are on some kind of drugs.  They are always out of it!  Their cars are completely banged up.  They drive like maniacs through the parking lot, which really annoys me.  There are kids that live on our street, as well as a lot of people with animals.  I’m afraid one day they’re going to hit someone or something.  With the way they drive, I’m surprised they haven’t taken out any of the cars in the parking lot!

I wonder if enough people complain if we’d be able to evict them?  Or maybe they’ll just get foreclosed on and someone nice and wonderful will move next door.  Fingers crossed!

This week I did what all good German-American citizens do –  I celebrated St. Patrick’s Day like I was a full blooded Irish chick.

We started celebrating our Irish heritage on Saturday.  We hit up Fado (yes, this is what my cat is named after) for Irish breakfasts and Guinness around 12:30, then hung out for a little while.   Irish breakfast is seriously addicting, but at the same time a major meat overload.  You can literally feel your cholesterol climbing as you chow down.  But it’s so good, and salty. Yum!

Afterward we headed over to a another little Irish bar for a special St. Patty’s festival.  It was supposed to feature live bands and drinks outside, but of course it was 50 something degrees and raining so the outside portion was canceled.  We did manage to arrive early enough so that the inside areas weren’t completely filled up.  We hung out for a few hours, and checked out some of the bands who were playing inside.  There were beer pong and flip cup tables downstairs, so our group played a few rounds.  Around 9:30, T and I decided we were tired and done partying so we went home.  I think we were asleep before 11!  We just can’t party like we used to!

Sunday we busted out our Irish cooking skills and whipped up some very delicious corned beef and cabbage.  We had planned to use the crock-pot to allow the meat to simmer all day, but of course there was a broken piece on it when we took it out of the box.  We didn’t want to venture out into the cold and rain to replace it, so we opted to use the stove instead.  Let me tell you, everything turned out wonderfully.  We used this recipe and beef stock instead of water to give it more flavor.  We also added a couple of extra cups of stock and one of water to make sure the meat was completely covered so it would all be tender.  It was almost like a soup, but it tasted amazing!  The meat was super tender and the brother was killer.  Add in the veggies (we used carrots, celery, potatoes and cabbage), and we were completely happy campers!

Yesterday T and I (and JD and Little S) skipped out of work to celebrate St. Patty’s once more.  The weather was amazing – 75 and sunny – so it was hard to justify going to work.  We arrived a little after noon, so we were able to get in free.  The weather was seriously perfect.  It was warm yet breezy and super sunny.  We ate lunch then hung out outside to listen to the bands and enjoy some beer.  We ended up heading home a little after 4 before we went bankrupt buying beer (they were $9 a pop, even crappy beer was $6 a bottle).  Since it was so nice out, we decided to grill out and enjoy the rest of the day.

Taking off yesterday was amazing! I needed a little break from the monotony of work.

So, how did you celebrate everyone’s favorite Irish holiday?

This morning as I was taking my shower, I started to think about all of the toys I played with growing up.  And how much they have changed in the 20-something years it’s been since I last used them to entertain myself for hours on end.  I am going to dedicate this post to some of my favorite toys of the 80s and 90s.

In no particular order…

1.  Little People


I was obsessed with these guys when I was little.  I think they were seriously one of my favorite toys.  I had the house that opened up so you could see inside, the airport (complete with plane), a school bus and some cars.  They were the weirdest toys, especially because they had no arms, but they provided me (and Little S) with hours of entertainment.  They actually still make these guys, but now they have arms and legs and are bigger.  Maybe too many kids swallowed them back in the day?

2.  Matchbox Pop Up City Car Set

This was seriously one cool ass play toy.  It came in a self-contained case that you could open and voila, a city.  It had a car wash with real spinning sponges, a mechanic’s shop, and maybe even a fast food drive through.  Little S and I would expand playing with our cars outside of the case and create crayon roads that would wind all over her bedroom.  Then we would spend hours driving our cars around, being careful to keep the cats out of her room so they wouldn’t destroy our highways!

3.  Barbies

No little girl could resist Barbie.  We had a decent collection of dolls that we would spend summers playing with for hours on end.  Sometimes we’d even get creative and play salon with them.  Needless to say, some of our Barbies ended up with buzz cuts.  We never had any of the Barbie accessories, except for the cars.  For a house, we’d use Little S’s bed.  The pool was our bathroom sink.  Our Barbies were living the life of luxury I tell you!

4.  My Little Ponies

When we weren’t playing with the Barbies, we hit up the My Little Ponies.  We only had the plastic ones, never any of the fuzzy ones.  We did have a few of the scented ones, and man did they reek!  I had a blue one with an ice cream cone on it, and it did not smell anything remotely like ice cream.  It had a more medicinal odor.  We also had a couple of the ponies with with wings, sparkly eyes and even hair that grew – when you pulled on the mane it got long and the tail became shorter, and vice versa.

5.  Pound Puppies

My love of animals was evident even at a young age.  I had a variety of snuggly Pound Puppies that slept in my bed with me.  I also watched the TV show, which was awesome (at least I thought so when I was a kid).

So, those were some of my favorite toys.  What were your childhood staples?

Happy Weekend!

After reading Jess’ post yesterday about buying a home, I have to admit that I caught the home buying bug a little.  So I started to do some research around the Atlanta area to see what I could find.  I stumbled across a super cute neighborhood that is in an up and coming area of the city.  Let me tell you, I am obsessed!  I want to move tomorrow.

The houses are super cute, with large patios, open floor plans, and huge kitchens (so awesome).  There is also a nature preserve in the neighborhood with walking trails – how cool is that?  The houses are a bit close to one another, but there’s not much you can do about that when you live in the city.

There are two downfalls:  1.  The price.  Since the houses are brand new construction, they are pretty pricey.  It’s not horrible, but it would definitely put a huge dent in our savings each month to pay the mortgage.  2.  The area they are in is up and coming.  The neighborhood itself looks fine.  It’s the area around the neighborhood I worry about.  I’ve heard people say some of the places in the vicinity can be pretty rough and have a high crime rate.  😦   But it could be good to move in before it becomes a super expensive hot spot.

Then there is the issue of doing something with the condo we already own.  I would love to sell it.  We got a good deal on it, and it would be great to turn a $20k profit on it that we could use as a down payment.  But I know times are tough and condos aren’t selling so well right now – especially since Atlanta keeps erecting new skyscraper condo buildings on every street corner.  Renting is also an option, but I’d much rather not have to worry about someone trashing my cute little house.

If we do actually start moving on this whole buying a home kick, we will definitely need to get our butts in gear with the renovations.  Before we moved in, in 2006, we completely redid the kitchen.  We put in new counters, wood floors, cabinets, a sink, a dishwasher and microwave.  We also replaced all the carpeting in the living room and upstairs with new carpet  and put in wood floors downstairs.  We painted everything – walls, windows, floorboards, and ceiling.

The only thing we didn’t get to because of time and money was updating the bathrooms.  The half bath downstairs is fine, but the 2 bathrooms upstairs need some major work.  The shower in the guest bath is leaking, so we can’t use it.  The walls in there are sort of stucco and painted bright yellow.  In our bathroom, the tub is meh along with the toilet and the wall paper.

I guess the good thing about thinking of buying a house is that we don’t have any excuses to not fix these items.  I don’t want to spend a ton of money, but we can definitely make the bathrooms look nice by replacing the tubs/using one of those tub cover things.

There is one more reason I am thinking it’s time for us to get a real house.  The government is giving up to an $8,000 tax credit to first time home buyers.  How awesome is that!?!  I’m hoping since I bought the house before we got married, that T would still qualify as a first timer.  Fingers crossed that, that’s the case.  That money could totally be used as a part of the down payment!

Anyone looking to buy a cute townhouse in Atlanta? 🙂

This weekend was seriously one of those perfect weekends.  The temperatures ranged from the low 70s to the upper 70s, and it was super sunny.  Weekends like that in early March make me love living in Georgia, and also make me laugh because we had snow on the ground a week ago.

Friday after work, a bunch of us went to Sweetwater to enjoy the warm temperatures, beer and music from a live band.  After that, we all reconvened at mi casa to have an impromptu BBQ.  It was a lot of fun.  We grilled chicken, chorizo sausage and bratwurst and sat around on the patio laughing, eating and drinking until the wee hours of Saturday morning.  There is no better way to end a long week than to gather with your friends and relax.  I do love the warmer months since that means it’s Patio Season.

Saturday was a pretty low-key day.  We got up and cleaned up from Friday night’s shindig, then headed to my co-worker’s daughter’s birthday party.  I was told she really likes Cookie Monster, so I was dead set on buying her something Cookie related – the only problem was that he was no where to be found.  So I settled on a cute stuffed Winnie the Pooh doll.  At the party it was the first present she “opened,” and she wouldn’t part ways with it throughout the rest of present time.  Oops – but I was glad she liked it so much.

After the party, we met up with some friends to go bowling.  Bowling is always so funny because there is just the most random mix of people who bowl – you have 20-somethings, families, teenagers, random older folks – add in the black lights and neon colors and it’s just a Cosmic experience.  I broke 100 in both games, so I was happy with myself.

Sunday was by far my most favorite day of the weekend.  T and I woke up early (at least it felt that way due to the time change) and headed to Piedmont Park for a picnic since it was absolutely gorgeous out.  T suggested that we go to Sawicki’s in Decatur to buy our picnic supplies since he’d heard rave reviews about their products.  I am glad we did as we ended up with some really tasty food.  We bought some homemade hummus and seasoned pita points, a lamb sandwich and a Cuban sandwich, then headed to the park.

We had a prime spot on a hill so we could people watch for an extended area, and we were close to the sidewalk so we could watch all the people and dogs stroll by.  You really do see some strange things when people watching – we saw a man, wearing a green dress, Rollerblade by on multiple occasions.

At one point, some friends met up with us and decided to play football.  They were tossing the ball around when someone missed it and it rolled over to the group of people sitting next to us.  The guy nonchalantly stands up and tosses the ball over to us, and that’s when we realize that he was Woody Harrelson.  I shit you not.

We debated whether or not to invite him to play with us, but then we decided not to bother him.  One of the girls with us had her little Jack Russel Terrier with her, and he kept running over to Woody’s blanket, which resulted in a few snacks for the little pup.  When Woody got up to leave later on, he waved at us and told the dog bye.  So I think he knew that we knew who he was.  I also ended up with a bit of a tan – my first for 2009.

After the park, T and I met up with JD and Sargent Sax to go to dinner at Flip since they had never been.  That place is amazing; T and I are obsessed.  The burgers are so unique and delicious, you can’t lose!  Last night I tried the Chorizo Burger and T spent a little chunk of cash to get the American Kobe Burger (the real Kobe Burger is $45).  Both burgers were super delicious.  Mine came with a chorizo patty, hash browns and a fried egg, and T’s had a Kobe beef patty and foie gras on it.  It was super rich but so amazing at the same time!  To end the meal, we split a foie gras milshake, in true fat kid style!

Tomorrow I will be going to my co-worker’s daughter’s first birthday, and I’m kind of excited.  She is the cutest little girl!  And she loves Cookie Monster – I used to be obsessed with him back in the day – so we are getting her a Cookie Monster gift.

My co-worker wants us all to bring pictures of ourselves when we were around 1 year old so all the guests can try to pick out people by their baby pictures.  So I had my parents send some over to me.  There are a few really cute ones, so I thought I’d share.


This is at my baptism.  I think I screamed the whole time, hence the red face.


Dinner time – I loved eating, even back then. Mom sans perm. Lovely 80s European furnishings.


It’s my first birthday! My parents were so young! 25 and 26 – my age now – eek!


My first Christmas, making friends with (or eating) Grover. Check out my awesome toy box.  I’m not sure what I am wearing.  A baby sleeping bag with arm holes?

**UPDATE:  For your viewing pleasure, baby T around 1 year old.



I painted my nails last night while watching the season premier of America’s Next Top Model – I really love that show, but man is Tyra getting cheesier as it goes on.  I really like the way the color looks with my fun and sparkly new ring.  I’m not sure if you can see all of it’s gloriousness in the picture though.

20090306135806I took the picture by the window so you could see the sparkles, but that made the background really dark.


I can’t wait until work is over.  It’s almost 70 degrees out, and we are heading to Sweetwater tonight to soak up some sun and drink beer.  After that, we’re having people over to grill out and just relax.  I love spring time!

Have a great weekend!

Then everyone would be in love with me!

Today on my way to work, I saw the strangest thing.  I was heading north on I-85 when all of a sudden I saw the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile pull onto the highway.  I had a little freak out, squeal moment (I’m really not sure why) and decided to catch up to it.  I’ve seen the giant rolling hot dog a million times on TV and in pictures, but it was kind of cool to see it in real life.

I sped up so I could ride along side of the world’s strangest car.  I stayed neck and neck with the Wienermobile for about 1.5 miles, until I reached my exit.   Riding next to that shiny dog and bun, I felt like I was 10 again –  and I suddenly had a craving for their cheese dogs (so yummy).

I did manage to snap a fairly decent picture of the Wienermobile as I was puttering along at 50 miles an hour next to it.

20090305085031Look how close I was!

I know it’s just a giant hot dog on wheels, but seeing it totally made my day!

Did you see anything strange or random today that made (or broke) your day?

There are certain designer items that I constantly see girls drooling over, whether it be purses or shoes, that I just don’t understand.  Am I missing something?  Anytime I scroll through blogs or Web sites, I stumble upon females ready to fork over an arm and a leg for designer shoes or purses that cost an insane amount of cash, and in my opinion, are not worth the hundreds of dollars people pay for them.

Shoes are definitely the one thing I don’t understand spending more than $200 for (I would justify it for nice quality boots, but not just a plain old shoe).  Shoes are meant to cover your feet while walking on the dirty ground.  They get scuffed, stepped on, or damaged by the elements.  I know they are a great way to round out an awesome look, but you will never catch me dropping $800 on a pair of Louboutins!  Especially since some of the designs are so plain.  A black pump should not cost as much as a mortgage payment.

To me it is absolutely ridiculous to spend that kind of money on a shoe, a shoe that you may end up accidentally scuffing walking up some stairs or that will get worn on your right heel from wearing them while driving. I know some of you may say that if you own a pair of super chic and chere shoes, you’d only wear them for special occasions, which seems crazy to me.  If I spent hundreds of dollars on shoes, I’d want to get some wear out of them and not store them in my closet only to come out once a year.

Wouldn’t you rather put that money towards an awesome vacation?  $800 can get you a plane ticket to some pretty nice places.  I’m just saying.

Another thing I don’t understand dropping a month’s salary on is a purse, that may or may not be in style next year.  I know so many people who spend so much money on Burberry or Louis Vuitton bags, which I find to be absolutely hideous!  I don’t care how much status the bags give you, most of them are not attractive.

Plus purses get worn down and set on nasty floors.  I know we’ve all heard how they are just giant germ carriers that hang from our shoulders.  Why would you want to waste such a large chunk of money on that?  I know designer purses probably have a longer shelf life than your no name Target version, but is it really worth hundreds of dollars?  I think not.

The other thing I  can’t even begin to comprehend and get on board with is designer luggage.  Every time I travel, my suitcase ends up with a new scratch, ding or chip.  Why would you purposely buy something so expensive that you know is going to get jacked up by careless baggage carriers?  It just seems like such a waste of your money.

I know I’m a bit ranty about designer stuff, and there are a few things that I will shell out some cash for.  Designer jeans being one of them.  I am tall, so I have a hard time finding pants that are just the right length.  I will shell out the big bucks for a pair of nice jeans if they fit me!

Don’t get me wrong, I love shoes and purses as much as the next girl, you just won’t catch me dropping the big bucks on these items.  But I never said that if it was cute and on mega sale that I wouldn’t buy it! 😉

So what are your thoughts on breaking the bank for designers?  What do you splurge on, and what to you pass up?

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