As I have mentioned here before, I am planning a few bigger trips in 2009.  The first trip is to New York in May for my friend Jewels’ wedding.  The second is a trip to Germany/European adventure.  Naturally I have been scouring the Web for some flight deals.  I’m getting all of the deals from Sherman’s Travel and Smarter Travel that constantly tout great sales and super discounted prices nationally and internationally.  Since I am a sucker for a bargain, I always click the link.  Only to be disappointed.

Nothing gets under my skin more than receiving an e-mail about round trip flights for $74 one way.  Yeah, frigging right!  By the time you enter in your locations, pick your dates and hit submit, the price is usually double what the special sale e-mail says, especially once the fees have been tacked on.  This really frustrates me.

I’d rather know the price up front.  Don’t try to bait and switch me with “sales” then attack me with $50 dollars of hidden fees.  Be up front!  The way all airlines handle it now, I feel like they are trying to sneak attack my back door, if you know what I mean.  I’d much rather see a ticket advertised for $120 one way with all the taxes and fees included.  I don’t know if it’s just me, but $120 is still not too expensive.

Today for example, I booked mine and T’s trip to NY through AirTran because they are having an awesome sale.  Seriously, go check it out.  We need to go to NY Memorial Day weekend, so all the tickets I had previously researched had been upwards of $300 per person.  And that just wasn’t going to fly (haha, pun intended).

So, I was able to find flights up there for $74* per person one way and $84* per person back  (the * signaling all of the evil fees and taxes that have not been included into the glorious price posted on my computer screen).  This isn’t bad at all, and I am fine with the amount.  But then I get the total break down, and I am annoyed.

This is what it looked like:

Air Fare $316.00 <— This is the price that the sale stated.

Federal Segment Tax $14.40 <—Annoying, but I know that everything gets taxed.

Airport Passenger Facility Charge $18.00 <—Seriously, what is this?  Couldn’t this just be added into the price from the get go?

September 11th Security Fee $10.00 <—Same with this guy.  Why tack it on at the end?  It just looks shady.

Other Fees $24.00 <— This is really sketchy.  Why don’t you say it’s the cost of the seats that I was charged $6 for per person each way?  Charging for a seat, that’s pretty sneaky.  What I am supposed to do?  Float?  Hang from the overhead luggage compartments?  Sit on the ground?

And don’t even get me started on charging for luggage.  We aren’t allowed to bring a variety of items on the plane in the first place, so how in the hell do you expect us (especially females – I know I have a ton of crap that I need to bring with me) to travel?

In the end, our total cost for the tickets was $382.40, which ends up including $66 in fees.  I know we still got a deal, especially for traveling around a holiday.  But I still feel like someone was trying to pull the wool over my eyes.  And I am not cool with that.

Nerdy side note – I just did a comparison to some other flights we had taken to NY in 2008, and we really hit the jackpot. Last May, around Memorial Day weekend, I paid $231 for one flight to New York. Around Christmas it was $450 for two flights.