I feel like I’m in a bit of a blogging rut lately.  I just feel like my creative juices have been zapped for some reason.  I think it’s because I’m over working and would just love a day off!

Anyway, I stole this meme from Jess because I thought it would be a fun way for my readers to learn more about T and our relationship!

What are your middle names?
Mine is Maria.  His is John. <—very Biblical sounding

How long have you been together?
A little over nine years…long time, huh?  Married for 6 months tomorrow! 🙂

How long did you know each other before you started dating?
I knew T for about 2 months.  I met him in 11th grade when my family moved from Georgia to New York.  We had a few classes together and rode the same bus.

Who asked whom out?
T did the asking, and of course I said yes because I had the biggest crush on him!

How old are each of you?
I’m 26 and T is 25.  He’ll turn 26 in April.

Whose siblings do you see the most?
My sister since T’s bros still live in New York.  I wish we got to see them more though!

Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple?
I would have to say T’s job.  He is constantly working, so we never see each other, and we have little time to hang out during the week.  Last week he worked almost 80 hours (including Saturday)!

Did you go to the same school?
Yes.  We went to the same high school for 2 years, then the same college.

Are you from the same home town?
No, he’s from Poughkeepsie and I’m from the Atlanta- area (even though I was born in Germany, I claim Georgia as my home since I’ve lived her most of my life – 17 years).

Who is smarter?
We are both smart, but I’d say T is probably smarter when it comes to number crunching and booky things.  He always does really well with test taking and math – I was not so great with either of those things.

Who is the most sensitive?
I’d say me, even though he has his moments.  I’m the one who cries at commercials and movies.

Where do you eat out most as a couple?
We try to bounce around, but we have our standards – Tree House, Fox and Hound, Figo Pasta.

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple?
I’d have to say Germany since most of our other trips have been along the east coast or Mexico.

Who has the craziest exes?

I think his exes are crazier since I’ve met them both before.  One actually became a lesbian a few years after they broke up and hit on me when I met her.  She even tried to cop a cheap feel on my boob.  That was awkward!

Who has the worst temper?
I have a terrible temper.  If you upset me, I’ll make sure to let you know.  T has a bit of a temper too, but he’s better at controlling it than I am.

Who does the cooking?
We both love to cook, but because of his crazy schedule and working until midnight, I do most of the cooking for the moment.  We both do cook together on the weekend though.

Who is the neat-freak?
Neither one of us is super neat.  In fact, we are more clutter-freaks.  But we both have our moments where we freak out because things are so messy and have to clean right. that. instant.

Who is more stubborn?
T would like to say it’s me, but he is pretty stubborn too.  I guess it would depend on what it concerns as to  who is more stubborn.  I may have the slight edge over him though…

Who hogs the bed? We don’t really hog the bed.  We’re either both snuggled up next to each other or rolled onto opposite sides of the bed.  If anyone is a bed hog, it’s Fado.  For a small cat he sure takes up a hell of a lot of room!

Who wakes up earlier?
That would be me, even though it’s never very early.  T loves to sleep and sometimes I feel like I have to drag him out of bed on the weekends so he won’t sleep the whole day away.

Where was your first date?
I honestly don’t even know if we had a first date.  We got drunk one night in the woods in high school with some friends, made out, told one another how much we liked the other, and the rest is history.  We probably did end up going to a movie after I wasn’t grounded anymore for coming home tipsy.

Who is more jealous?
Neither of us, really.
  We are both pretty laid back and chill.

How long did it take to get serious?
We decided to apply to some of the same colleges in the beginning of our senior year.  I’d say things got cemented when he moved to Georgia so we could go to school together.

Who eats more?
Definitely T.  It’s funny, but his nickname is Fat Ass because he will get in these kicks where he’ll eat everything in sight.  And when he doesn’t finish something, our friends freak out!

Who does the laundry?
I pretty much do most of the laundry.  I’m sort of anal with separating things and if they can be dried or not.  T does help fold, sometimes…

Who’s better with the computer?
T is really good, but I can definitely hold my own.  Together I think we’re a pretty good team!

Who drives when you are together?
We trade off, but I feel like I make T drive more! 😉

Sorry for the fluff post, I promise I’ll be better tomorrow.