Yesterday at lunch I got asked out to drinks via a business card.  Very random, and it totally ties into my post from Friday.  Basically here’s what happened:

My co-worker and I decided to go grab lunch at this little restaurant by our office because they serve gyros on Mondays.  And who can say no to a gyro?  Not me.  The restaurant is located on the property of this little airport, and they have a covered patio that looks over the runways so you can watch the planes come and go. We were sitting in the corner of the patio, next to this older guy (40s-50s) and a really old man. The older guy kept looking towards me, but I thought he was looking at the runway because it was behind me, so I didn’t think much of it. Plus I was too into my gyro to really pay attention. He glanced over a few more times, then they left.

A few minutes after they left, a waitress (not ours) came over and handed me his business card. On the back there was a note that said I was gorgeous and he would love to get drinks one day. He signed it with his name and phone number.

I can say that has honestly never happened to me before. I’ve only seen things like that in the movies. When the waitress came over I thought maybe he was buying our lunch or something, which would have been awesome. But no, he wanted to take me out.

It annoyed me slightly because the way he was angled, he could totally see my wedding and engagement rings because I had my left hand resting on the table. The other thing, he had at least 20-25 years on me. I’m sorry, but I wouldn’t want to date someone my parents age even if I were single. Just cause Hef can bag 18 year olds at 82 doesn’t mean every guy can!

Even though he will never get a call, it gave me a funny story!

Do you have any funny hitting on stories to share?



Valentine’s Day was fun. At first T and I had planned to spend the day in Piedmont Park, but the weather was a little shady so we just vegged at home and caught up on our TiVo. That night we went out to dinner at one of Atlanta’s finest steakhouses (I will do a review tomorrow).

Right before we were supposed to leave, I had a minor meltdown because neither of the new dresses I had ordered were fitting correctly, and basically my boobs were just hanging out* of one and the other looked like a mumu. So I had to do some major rummaging to find something else that was cute to wear. By the time we left for dinner, I was totally stressed out because I was not loving my outfit. But we did have fun at dinner, even though it cost a small fortune (we may have had to each give an arm and a leg to pay for it).

T gave me 2 funny and random presents, and I got him Pineapple Express, which we still haven’t had a chance to watch because he’s been working like a maniac.

The first gift was a Stuff on My Cat daily calendar. I love this site and the calendar is so funny! I tried to get Zoey on there once, but as far as I know she never made it.

T also got me a Domo. He’s so strange sometimes, but it’s cute because it’s the V-day one. It’s sitting on my desk right now. My mom said it was the perfect gift for me because I can be all sweet, but then I bare my teeth when I get mad. Maybe that’s why he got it for me…

domoI think I may look like this when I get angry!


Today I went to the DMV to pick up new tags for my car since my parents have signed it over to me. We decided to wait until I got married and changed my name so I didn’t have to go through the title madness twice.

My dad signed it over to T and me. I got to the DMV, and there was (surprisingly) no line. I walked up to the window and found out that T has to be there to sign something since his name is on the title (figures!). I called and asked him to come meet me. Of course he’s under major deadlines and couldn’t leave. The DMV gave me a power of attorney form and told him to sign it, then I could get tags on my own.

I drove to where he is working (past where I work) and dropped off the papers since there is a notary in the building he is at. And now I get to try again tomorrow around lunch time, which I’m sure will take forever, because I can’t miss another morning at work. HATE!