So, I’ve been on this major cooking kick for the past few days.  Maybe it was because I felt like we were in a food slump, constantly eating the same things whether we were making them or going out to eat them.  So, I’ve started actively searching out new recipes.

Yesterday towards the end of work, I hit up Food Network to see what I could find.  Being that it was a weekday, I started looking at some of Rachel Ray’s top 30 Minute Meals recipes.  I’ve always liked every one of her recipes I’ve tried, plus I love the idea of them taking only 30 minutes.  Even though they never really do.  Maybe if I had some help, it would be different.  But who knows.

I stumbled across these two dishes that looked marvelous and pretty simple, so I thought why the hell not.  In the end it took me a little over an hour from start to finish with all of the chopping and actual cooking time, but it was well worth it.  The Chicken with Spinach, Feta and Sun Dried Tomatoes in Phyllo cups was amazing, and so was the Chic Greek Salad.  Even though I forgot to add the red pepper in, and I left out the tuna.  Since I have red pepper left, I will make some fajitas tonight.  Yummy!

For your drooling pleasure…


Isn’t this the prettiest looking salad you have ever seen?  And it tastes amazing!


The delicious chicken mixture in my handmade phyllo cups.

Sorry all of my pictures are off of my phone, but I can’t find the cord for my camera and my SD slot in my computer isn’t working anymore for some strange reason.  For now this will have to do! 🙂


I’m not letting the recession stop me, because I am single-handedly trying to keep the economy running by constantly spending money (haha, ok not really).  I signed up for Netflix the other day, and I can’t wait to get our first movie.  I think it’s supposed to arrive today.  Fingers crossed, because I really want to watch it tonight.  It’s the Korean film that The Uninvited is based on.


I did some online shopping at Target the other day because I wanted something cute to wear out for our Valentine’s Dinner.  So I ended up ordering 2 different black dresses and Pineapple Express for T as a V-day present because he’s been dying to see it ever since it came out.  I hope the dresses fit me.  I hate ordering online since I am fairly chesty (not that I’m complaining) and never know what size to get to fit the twins.  Sigh…