With the Internet becoming a more used vehicle to reach all kinds of people, some of my clients have decided to start using Facebook, Twitter, etc.  This frightens me a little.

My Facebook profile is a my own personal space.  I don’t feel comfortable about friending my clients to assist them with their FB efforts.  I have my photos and posts on my wall from friends that I just don’t want everyone to be able to read.  Especially nowadays when some companies use FB as a way to let employees go because of their profiles.

My firm belief is that what I post online in my personal time no way reflects my attitude about work.  If I want to get drunk and act crazy on the weekends and take pictures to prove it, then so be it.  At work, I am completely professional and those two lifestyles do not overlap each other in any way.

Now here is my dilemma.  I don’t want any of my clients or boss to come across my craziness on Facebook (there really isn’t anything that bad in my photos – drinking,  smoking and partying make up the majority).  I have my settings very private so only my friends can access my photos, wall, etc.  But if I am friends with the client or boss, then they can access it.

I have come up with 2 options to solve this problem –

1.  Go through my various privacy options and mark everything super private and restrict who can see what, even when they are my friends – no fun.  Plus I could miss something, which would not be good.

2.  Create a separate Facebook account using my work e-mail that is more professional and doesn’t include my crazy photos or links to my friends.

Have any of you had any of these issues with Facebook or other online social outlets?  If so, what did you do?  Have any of you been found by people you didn’t want to see your page?