Is it bad that January isn’t even over yet, and I’m already planning my vacations for 2009?  I’m sick of feeling like work is the most important thing out there.  It’s time to live life.  Screw work, I want to travel! <—this comes from a girl who loves her job too!

We already have fairly solid plans for May.  Our friend Jewels is getting married the Friday after Memorial Day, so T and I decided that we are going to make a week out of it, especially since we already have Monday off.  Since her wedding is on a Friday evening, we’d want to get there some time on Wednesday anyway, so why not take a few extra days so we can have some weekends up there too?  This will give us some time to hang with T’s family, visit friends, and even take in a Yankees game (shudder).  Plus I know it’s hard for T’s family to only see him for extended periods of time at Christmas, so they’ll be super excited to have us there.

We’ve also been discussing taking a vacation with friends to the beach, maybe around the 4th of July.  A few years ago we went to Hilton Head for 4 days, and that was a ton of fun!  We’ve talked about going back again this year.  Or maybe even trying a cruise.  As long as we get a good group of people to go and we don’t have to miss a ton of work, things should be gravy.  I guess it shouldn’t cost us an arm and a leg either!

T and I also still have to take our little romantic weekend getaway.  Luckily this won’t require any real time off.  We’d probably only have to leave a little early on a Friday.  I think we are planning this trip in April because he will be done with busy season by then, and things should just start blooming down South.  We are still planning on going to Savannah, which I’m sure will be gorgeous with spring flowers everywhere!

Our big adventure for 2009 will be a trip to Germany, with a few stops around Europe (hopefully!).  This weekend Little S suggested that we all (her and her boyfriend, T and me) should go to Oktoberfest this year.  T and I were totally down with this idea.  Not only would we get to go to Oktoberfest again, we’d get to spend some time with my German family, who we never see!

Today I started doing some research on plane tickets and hotels in Munich during Oktoberfest.  Since it’s such a popular event, hotels book up really fast or cost a crap ton.  The last time we went, we had to stay 1.5 hours away by train because we didn’t start looking for hotels until late summer, and they were all booked.  Let me tell you, a long ass train ride after drinking all day sucks!

Since plane tickets are so expensive, Little S suggested we try to fly into a different country (if it’s cheaper) stay for a few days, then take a cheaper flight to Germany through a smaller European carrier.  That’s totally cool with me because I’d love to visit some more of Europe.  I love spending time with the family, but they live in such a small town that it can get boring fairly quickly.  There’s so much more of Germany I’d like to experience, and I think this trip will give us that chance.  Since most of our family over there is older and has small houses, I’m sure they’d be happy to spend 4-5 days with us, giving us about 8 days to travel around and go to Oktoberfest.  When T, my dad and I visited in 2007, we stayed for about 6 days, then spent the rest of the time visiting some friends and going to Oktoberfest.

I am so excited that I could pack up right this second and leave!  Squee!  🙂

Do you have any exciting travel plans for 2009?  If anyone has any cheap international airfare sites to pass along, I’d really appreciate it!