I’ve been a little slack about posting this week, but it is for a good reason.  First of all, I have a new client, so I’ve been in overdrive mode getting everything up and running, and learning the ropes.  Second of all, I am trying to catch up on my overflowing reader.  Sorry if I’m not commenting as much as usual, I’m just trying to read all of your wonderful writings.   Slow your roll people and give me a chance to catch up! 🙂

Since my brain feels like mush, I think it’s time for some things that make me smile/frown:

The other night we had a whole 10 minutes of snow flurries in Atlanta. 🙂

It’s freezing out, and they didn’t stick. 😦

It’s supposed to warm up to 60 degrees on Friday, meaning we can go to Sweetwater after work! 🙂

Getting publicity hits for your new client that you’ve only been working with for 2 weeks is such an awesome feeling! 🙂

Not getting date sensitive information from older clients is frustrating and prevents you from moving forward on your projects for them. 😦

Snuggling up under blankets  on the couch with your kitties and husband when it’s cold out. 🙂

Eating sweet and juicy clementines!  Love them! 🙂

Leggings, warm sweater dresses, and slouchy boots with bows!  So comfy and cute!  🙂

The fact that Lipstick Jungle may not be coming back.  I love that show and think it’s awesome.  How could it not come back?!?! 😦

Going to Cirque du Soleil Kooza with T on Sunday.  Can’t wait because I hear it’s awesome! 🙂

What’s got you smiling or frowning these days?