My first real (i.e. french) kiss happened the summer between 8th and 9th grades.  One of my guy friends, Ken, really had a crush on me.  Me being totally clueless, thought he was just a really close guy friend.  I wasn’t attracted to him at all, but I had a lot of fun hanging out with him.

One day I was sitting down to dinner with my family, and the phone rang.  I answered it and it was him.  He wanted to invite me to the movies because he’d invited my best friends ASP and Sara to meet up.  I said sure, scarfed my food, and waited for my ride.  He showed up with his mom and little bro in tow.  Then instead of going straight to the theater, they stopped at a Mexican restaurant for dinner.  This was slightly awkward because I thought we were rushing to meet up with our friends, plus I had already eaten dinner.

After dinner, his mom dropped us off at the theater.  We bought our tickets to Picture Perfect and waited around for ASP and Sara for about 10 minutes.  Finally Ken said they must already be inside, so we went in to find them.  Of course the previews had started, and it was really dark.  This made it impossible to find them, so we found 4 seats together and sat down.  I was anxiously looking around for them to come, and they were no where to be seen.  The longer we sat there, the more pissed off I got at them for blowing us off – especially when he put his arm around me.

When the movie ended, we walked into the lobby, and who did we see?  ASP and Sara, playing a video game.  They gave me weird looks because Ken had his arm around me, and I was shooting daggers at them for putting me in this situation.  I dragged them into the bathroom to figure out what the hell was going on.  It was then when I found out Ken had told them we were going to see Air Force One.  I felt totally tricked and completely pissed off.

We left the bathroom, and I tried to bail on him and say I’d ride with the girls, but he said his mom would get upset since she had brought me there and wanted to make sure I got home safely.  I was stuck.  I begrudgingly went with him when his mom pulled up in the parking lot in the van.

We got into the car, and of course he climbed into the very back seat.  There was no way I could get away with sitting in the row in front of him, so I sat next to him.  He put his arm around me again, and I tried to avoid looking at him because I had a feeling I knew what he was planning.  All of a sudden, he grabbed my face and stuck his tongue down my throat.  I was totally stunned.  I think I just sat there.

When we got to my house, I tried to dive out of the car but he insisted on walking me to the door.  There he planted another one on me.  Then he asked me out, and I felt like I couldn’t say no because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings (oh adolesence).  Luckily, our dating didn’t last long.  I was able to avoid him for most of the summer, then I broke it off with him once school started.

Man, he was damn sneaky for a 13 year old!

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