I was watching TV over the weekend, when I started thinking about weight.  I happened to be on the Food Network, and what I saw got me thinking.  Many of the male chefs are not really very in shape.  Some of them are trim, while others have let themselves go.  They range in age.  The female hosts are, for the most part, fairly slender, attractive and young.  The only plumper women who have shows are older.  This annoys me.

Why is ok for male TV stars to be chubby, but the second a female puts on a few pounds she is considered fat and unattractive?  There is something seriously wrong with this picture.  Male TV personalities that are a little hefty are often still considered cute and funny, while females get made fun of and called fat.  Does this mean that our gender is more forgiving and can see beyond a person’s looks to discover a charming personality on the inside?  Does this also mean that many men don’t really want to be with someone who isn’t considered hot?

Take for example TV shows and commercials.  How many times do you see a slender and attractive female playing the role of wife to a dumpy guy?  Quite often.  Off the top of my head, I can’t think of one show or commercial where the hunky guy is attracted to a not so slim woman.  The only movie I can think of where this happened is the 80’s movie Babycakes starring Ricki Lake.  And that’s just sad.  Maybe there are more…I really hope so.

No wonder our society is running rampant with girls who don’t eat and think that you have to weigh 100 pounds to be considered sexy.  Personally, I think it’s bull shit.  What guy really wants to be with someone with no curves what so ever?  Last time I checked, tits and ass were pretty important to most men. Guys –  do you really want to go on a date to a sports bar with a girl who will only pick at a small salad?  Wouldn’t you rather have a girl who would eat the chicken wings and drink a beer with you?  I know my husband feels that way.

What I’m seeing in Hollywood disturbs me even more.  Stars who used to be attractive and curvy now look like walking skeletons.  It’s disgusting.  Cameron Diaz pops into my mind.  When she first hit it big with The Mask, she looked like a normal person who was slender.  She still had her curves.  Now she looks like a walking skeleton (I saw an image from the Golden Globes and was horrified).  Boobs?  What boobs?  She looks like a pre-pubescent teen.  I don’t know how anyone can find that attractive.  It’s one thing to be fit and in shape, it’s another when it looks like your skin is stretched tightly over your bones.  Ick.

I’m not trying to be judgy, but I’m sick of feeling like we females always have to be teeny tiny, while guys can get as big as they want.  I think it’s time to embrace ourselves for who we are, pudge and all.  If we were in Hollywood and had personal trainers and chefs visiting us everyday, then we’d could be 100 pounds too.  But in the end, who really wants a life of starvation?  I’d rather have a little chub and be happy than be super skinny and never really enjoy what I eat.