Isn’t it strange how sometimes you don’t remember your dreams?  Or it seems like you don’t dream at all.  Then there are times when the vivid dreams keep flowing, and you wake up in the morning thinking, “what the hell?”.

That happened to me this morning.  Fado woke me up climbing into a paper bag that was sitting in our room, and when I fell back asleep the weird dreams began.

The dream started out with T and I being in Poughkeepsie.  Our friends from GA and NY were there, along with both sets of parents and siblings.  We were rushing around Po-Town to bars for a pub crawl.  But we were faced with a dilemma.  No one wanted to drive.  So we started walking and walking since none of the bars were remotely close to each other.

All of a sudden, we were back at T’s parents’ house, and we were getting ready to board a private jet to Japan.  T, his bros, his dad and I all climbed into our own personal jet.  The weird thing was, it was tiny and looked like the inside of a camper or mini-van.  There was one queen bed that T and I took over and twin beds for his bros.  His dad sat on the couch.  We had a captain and a server.

We were getting ready to take off when JD came over.  She had been told she could come to Japan too, but the captain wouldn’t let her on the private plane.  He kept saying she needed a ticket.  Finally she snuck on, and we were on our way.

This is where things got really strange.  Instead of taking off into the air, we started driving at high speeds down the highway.  I was thinking we would take off, but we kept driving all over Atlanta (I guess at some point we relocated from Po-Town).  We were going so fast that no one could sit in place; we were flopping all over the inside of the plane.

All of a sudden we pulled into a parking lot.   And Jessie was messing with the door, which suddenly slid open like a van door.  Her cell phone fell out, and she jumped out to pick it up.  That’s when the captain gunned it and sped away.  She finally managed to cut across the parking lot to catch up, but the door slid shut.  We were all telling the captain to stop and wait for her, but he kept going.  JD was running at top speed, hanging onto the back of the plane (which looked like the back of a conversion van now) trying to keep up.  She lost her grip and stumbled into the grass as we trucked along the road.  I asked the captain how JD would get home because she was in the middle of nowhere, without a car or phone.  He turned back to me and said, “I’ll pick her up once I drop you guys off in Japan.”  I looked at him and said, “But that will be like 30 hours there and back.”  He shrugged and replied, “So?”

Then I woke up.  Is that not one of the most random dreams ever?  Is anyone else having strange dreams lately?