Lately I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the search terms people are using to get to my blog.  Let me tell you, some of them are pretty strange.  I know I’m a little weird sometimes, but damn people.  Some of y’all are strange.

Here are some of the more random terms are:

  • penis – Not so random but super popular. I think I mentioned penis straws when talking about the bachelorette party
  • penis cakes – yummy?
  • wild penis – maybe I should curb my penis talk?
  • father daughter hairy – sounds like someone needs to wax
  • penis dressed as a pirate – arr matey!
  • ugly moms and dads – not everyone can be as beautiful as you
  • zoey dog sun burn swimming – Zoey’s actually a cat, who hates water…just saying
  • drunk girls gone wild – such is my life
  • smack the penis game – what’s the capital of Thailand? Bangko(c)k…ow
  • jake gyllenhaal armpit – yeah, I know I’ve never talked about armpits…but maybe I should
  • craziest socks ever worn – I would love to see these crazy socks

Here’s a little tip to remember.  Don’t talk about penis anything, or all of the freaks will end up on your blog!  Sorry for the lack of a decent post, but I have the worst sinus headache.  Plus I need to get ready for my date night with T.  Woot!

What’s the weirdest search term you’ve ever stumbled upon?