I woke up this morning not feeling too stellar.  I had a bit of a sinus headache last night.  This morning it made a reappearance along with a scratchy throat.  My co-worker Mel is out sick today because she felt like she was dying when she woke up this morning.  I wonder if this is what I have to look forward to?

Once I arrived at work, I realized that I needed some pick me ups to make it through the day.

Pick me up # 1 – Chik-fil-a chicken biscuit and hash browns.  Nothing like a good ol’ Southern breakfast to get your day going right.

Pick me up # 2 – Knock off Airborne, aka Wal-Born.  Seriously Wallgreens, couldn’t you have come up with a better name?

Pick me up # 3 – Knock off Sudafed Sinus Headache meds.  When you feel like your head is in a vice, you need immediate relief.

Pick me up # 4 – Honey Herb Ricola.  You’ve got to get the real thing sometimes.

Pick me up # 5 – Even though I just ate lunch, I’ve decided that I need a Starbucks Gingerbread Latte (and maybe a delish baked treat).  It’s toasty goodness will warm me right up from the inside out, especially since I’m shivering and it’s 63 degrees outside. <—not a promising sign