I can’t believe that it is already December 15!  This year and holiday season have flown by.  I am in shock.  I hope 2009 doesn’t go by this fast too.

For some reason, I have not felt very Christmasy this year.  Normally I am all about Christmas and can’t wait to make the house look all festive.  This year we still haven’t put up our tree, even though we have been talking about it since Thanksgiving weekend.  T has been working like a maniac, and I want to wait for him so we can put it up together.  We are  going to NY for Christmas, so maybe subconsciously I don’t want to put it up since we won’t really get much time to enjoy it.  Plus Fado may destroy it while we are gone.  I told T that I want to set it up after all tonight (since I keep wavering back and forth about it) but now I have a bad headache, which makes me think it won’t end up going up.

I’ve also not been very successful in finding holiday movies on TV.  I could swear that in the past, Christmas movies played all throughout December.  Am I wrong about this?  I am in some serious need for Christmas entertainment.  Luckily we stumbled upon The Santa Clause last night.  I forgot how funny that movie was.  We were cracking up the entire time.

This weekend did help get me into more of a holiday spirit.  Saturday we went shopping and found most of our presents for our families.  That was a huge relief.  After shopping, we went to a tacky Christmas sweater party.  JD, T and I rocked our special sweatshirts that we made for a party last year.  JD and I even made shoes and wore our socks with the Santa faces on them.  We were one hot mess!

n4903309_40612914_5911This picture is from last year, but it allows you to see the gloriousness of the sweatshirt and shoes.

One of our friends brought along some homemade holiday cider, which was delicious.  It was a mix of apple juice, cider, sugar and Everclear (aka Liquid Death).  You couldn’t taste the Everclear, but I noticed the almost instantaneous buzz I got after drinking only a glass and a half of it.  Needless to say, I had a pounding headache all day yesterday (topped off with the worst cramps ever – sorry boys).

Yesterday afternoon, we went to the Army band’s holiday concert to see Sgt. Sax sing some Christmas songs.  I invited my parents to come along with me and JD (T had to bail last minute because he had to work – I hate his job) since my dad used to be in the Army.  The concert was a lot of fun!  JD beamed the whole time!   I really wished that T could have come along too to share in the festiveness.

After the concert, we all went out to dinner (T did make it for that).  We went to a pirate-themed fondue restaurant, which was a lot of fun.  We got a fondue set for our wedding, and I can’t wait to use it.  I liked going to the restaurant and the food, but man is fondue a rip off.  You pay all of this money for food you have to make yourself!  What the hell?  What a scam…but I’d definitely go back. 🙂

How was your weekend?