Whew, this week has been busy.

Yesterday I was at an all day client meeting and didn’t get back to Atlanta till after 8 p.m.  That’s always fun.  Since it was so late, T and I decided to go to the Greek restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner.  I love that place.  We shared a bottle of wine, ate fresh hummus, roasted octopus, and gyros.  Then we went home and passed out at 10:30 for some much needed sleep.

We still have not set up our Christmas tree.  But I did hang up our lighted garland on the banister.  We are being total slackers this year.  I think part of the reason is that we will be in NY visiting his family this Christmas.  We’ll be there December 22-30, so even if we put our tree up we won’t get much time with it.  I swear we will do it tomorrow after work, even if it kills us!

I’m excited to go to NY, even though I won’t be spending Christmas with my family.  I haven’t been to Po-town in the winter since 2005 (the last time I sprained my ankle…figures).  I’m excited to see snow and friends and head to NYC to see the festive decorations.  Hope I don’t freeze my ass off up there!

I’m really loving my outfit that I have on today.  I am wearing a plum colored dress with brown tights and flat brown slouchy boots.  I feel very cute and very skinny!

I just got started on my Christmas shopping this week and still have quite a bit to do.  We are doing some presents in the office, and I have no idea what to get everyone.  Ugh.   I’m thinking of spending between $15-20 for my co-workers who are 24, 35 and 47.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have 8 more days of work until I am off for 7 work days!  I. Can’t. Wait.  My boss is closing the office the Dec. 24-Jan.1.  She wants us to come back on the 2nd, which is stupid because everyone is going to be taking that day off.  I am annoyed about that.  Hopefully she will change her mind.

We have a PR society holiday mixer tonight, and I am excited to go.  Yeah for holiday gatherings.

I had a hair appointment this weekend and got a much-needed trim and color update.  This time I went with brighter red highlights, and I really like it.