So, I’ve been super productive today…not.  I need to talk to a couple of my clients because I need some information from them to write some press releases, but they are not in the office.  Makes it hard to do my work without the stuff I need.

My boss is out of town, and my other 2 co-workers just left.  They are going to the mountains for a media trip, so I will be in the office, for the rest of the week, all by myself.  I’m having a hard enough time jumping back into work, but being here all alone, isn’t making me feel like being more productive.  Sigh, this is going to be a long couple of days.  I seriously won’t be talking to anyone out loud (unless people call) at work till Monday.

Instead of working, I’m trying to stretch out the little bit of work I have so I’m not completely bored by Friday, I started reading Post Secret, and I am hooked.  Some people’s secrets are so sad that I was totally tearing up at my desk.  Others were just so random that they had me chuckling out loud because they were just so strange.  I liked how everyone secrets have been turned into books.  What a fun idea!

T and I are having a much needed date night tonight.  The poor guy is working like a maniac and is super stressed.  Sometimes I really hate his job and how much he has to work.  But at the same time I love it because we have met some awesome people that are now some of our closest friends.  What sucks about it is that it’s not even busy season yet, and he’s working a ton of hours.  Come January, I will barely see him.

And he’s just so stressed out.  I feel like he’s always cranky because he is expected to do so much when there just isn’t enough time to get it done.  I know I’ve said this before, but I really hate all of the emphasis America puts on working.  Family and friends are tossed to the side just so companies can make money while running their employees into the ground.  And for what?  The economy is in the dumps and these hard working people aren’t seeing any benefits of their hard work, and some are even getting let go.  It makes me so angry.