First of all, let me say that we need to have more 4-day weekends.  Those, my friends, are much needed all of the time!  Trying to get back into the swing of things at work is impossible, especially with my boss being out of town all week long.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun.  This year, since T’s family didn’t come down, we (me, T and my family) got together with our German neighbors and had dinner with them.  This resulted in an insane amount of food!  My family made a small turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, green beans, carrots, cornbread muffins, gravy, a pumpkin pie, and tapioca pudding.  The Germans made 2 geese, potato dumplings, and homemade red cabbage.  There was so much food, I barely even made it to the German food because I was chowing down on my family’s fare.  We do eat some of the German items throughout the year, so turkey and gravy were my main focus since that’s only eaten once a year.

After dinner, we invited some of our friends over for drinks.  Of course, since we were all pretty full, the German shots started being passed around.  And let me tell you, they are not for the faint of heart.  I started with some German pear brandy (Willy’s as my dad fondly calls it or fire water as JD calls it) and at some point was convinced to try Kuemmerling, which is basically like a very bitter version of Jagermeister.  It will knock your socks off a little.

After everyone was all toasty from the wine with dinner, the shots, and the beer from the kegerator (T and I really want one of these), we busted out our family’s karaoke machine.  Our German friends’ living room became a makeshift karaoke bar, and let me tell you, we sound awesome.  Not really.  Our singing was so bad that the dog hid in the master bedroom.  Around 2 a.m. , we packed it up and headed home to crash.

Once we arrived chez parents, we started nibbling on some leftovers.  This basically ended with T, Little S and I housing the remaining gravy with spoons.  At one point I stole the pot away to lick it clean.  Yes, we are classy.  I also tried to feed JD a stale roll (that was being saved for the German dog) and she actually managed to take a bite out of it.  It was so hard, I’m surprised she didn’t break a tooth.  I am a bad drunk friend.  She asked for bread and that was all I found!

Friday was pretty low-key.  We had to pick up T’s car from the shop, where it was getting the window replaced.  Of course I was dressed to the nines.  I was in my PJs – yoga pants, t-shirt, fleece pullover and boots – because we are friends with the guy who fixed the window.  I wasn’t expecting to do anything but drive T to his car and turn around and go back to my parents’ house.  Well, things never go as planned.  We drove by a Circuit City that was closing, so T wanted to go check it out.  There we were on Black Friday, surrounded by dedicated shoppers, in our PJs.  Like I said before, we keep it classy.  After our stop at CC, which resulted in no purchases, we stopped at the grocery store to buy frozen pizzas so we had snacks for our movie watching.  Piling on the embarrassment is always fun!

Speaking of movies, we seriously watched a ton of movies during our time off.  We hit up 3 on Friday and, wait for it, 5 yesterday.  Madness, I know.  We were planning on going grocery shopping and decorating for Christmas yesterday, but we couldn’t pry our lazy selves away from the TV long enough to get that done.

Here is the movie breakdown:


Forgetting Sarah Marshall – It was ok.  There were some funny parts but it was slow at times.  Best part – in the first 10 minutes you see the main character’s wang, full frontal style, a few times.  That’s always great when you’re watching a movie, with your PARENTS.  Super awkward.

LOTR: The Fellowship of the Ring – Oh so very long, especially when it’s on regular TV with commercials.  I’ve seen it a few times, and I don’t mind it.  T and his bros are huge fans, so they used to watch it all of the time when the movies first came out.  T has read the book multiple times too and can quote/explain things when the rest of us (me and my family) were lost.

Ratatouille – This movie was so freaking cute!  I loved it.  It made me want to go on a crusade to save all small and furry rodents.  The one thing that bugged me a little was Linguine.  I thought he was a kid at first, then he was drinking and making out with a girl, so I’m assuming he was older than I thought.  But besides that, I totally recommend it if you are looking for something lighthearted and funny!


Big – I forgot how much I loved this movie!  I used to watch it all of the time when I was a kid.  So much in fact that I can still sing along to the song the boys sing (Shimmy shimmy coco puff).  Yeah, I’m cool.

Stand By Me – I’ve seen it a bazillion times, but it still managed to suck T and I in.  This is the straw that broke the Christmas decorating camel’s back.

LOTR: The Two Towers – Oh yes, TNT played all 3 movies during this fine holiday weekend.  So we jumped in during the middle of it.  Once again, I’ve seen bits and pieces due to T and his bros’ obsessions.  It was good.  I didn’t love it, but I enjoyed it.  Thank God Orlando Bloom looks super sexy with blonde hair and pointy elf ears! 🙂

LOTR:  The Return of the King – I don’t think I’d ever seen any of this movie.  It was nice to finalize the story and see how it all wrapped up.  The ending did bum me out a little, I was not happy with certain people’s departures, but what can you do?

We started watching Lost Boys 2 since it was on TNT after The Return of the King, but it was so cheeseball we vetoed it about 45 minutes in and went to bed.

So, that was a super fun wrap up of my time off.  How did you spend yours?  See any good movies?