On November 24th, T and I had our 3-month married anniversary.  It’s hard to believe that the wedding and all of its exciting festivities happened so long ago.  It still seems like it was last week!

If we weren’t married, tomorrow we’d be celebrating our 9 year anniversary.  9 years!  That is such a long time.  It’ll be weird to not really celebrate that day anymore since we now have our wedding anniversary to celebrate instead.  Even if we don’t do anything special on that date anymore, I will never forget it.  It’s the day I landed the boy I had been eyeing for weeks. 🙂

I’m super excited about Thanksgiving tomorrow for a few reasons.  One, I love the food and can’t wait to chow down.  Two, it’ll be my first real holiday as a wife (I still giggle when I think of myself as a wife).  I know not much will be different, except for the fact that I now have T’s last name, but I’m still excited.

Tonight we’re doing our pre-Turkey Day tradition of getting together with the family and friends for Mexican.  It all started because T’s family used to come down to visit for Thanksgiving.  They do not have any good Mexican where they live, so we always went there since they got to eat it so little.  Afterwards we’d end up in my parents’ basement bar playing darts, Foosball and singing karaoke.

T’s family isn’t coming this year since it’s so expensive to fly the whole family down from NY and his mom hates driving down here.  They always leave in the middle of the night (like 2 a.m.) and make the 15 hour drive straight through.  It’s rough.  Even though they won’t be here, we’ll still hit up the Mexican restaurant with some friends.  I can’t wait.  Texas margaritas, here I come!

I hope you all have a very wonderful and fat kid Thanksgiving!  Stuff yourselves like you are a turkey!