Since I was (and still am) gimpy, on Friday night we decided that taking it easy would be best.  We gathered a small group of friends and went to dinner at this cute restaurant.  Since my ankle is still sore, I wanted T to valet his car so I didn’t have to walk far.  But he was embarrassed by all of the cans and bottles that were strewn about the car, and he didn’t have cash so we opted to park on the street.  The food is amazing at this place, but it’s located in a semi-sketchy area.  We made sure to cover up T’s phone that he left in the car to charge and headed to dinner.

Around 10, we decided to head to the neighborhood bar to have some drinks and play darts and pool.  T, JD and I made our way to the car.  As I hobbled to the passenger side, I noticed the broken glass.  Yup, someone had smashed out the back passenger window.  We sent some friends to go grab the cop that was working outside of the restaurant.  Turns out he was only a security guard, so he wasn’t much help.  Then we did the inventory and realized that T’s old broken laptop had gotten stolen, along with his cell phone.  Luckily his iPod was black and blended in with the car’s interior in the dark.  It sucks that the laptop got stolen because it had a ton of pictures and music on it, and he was planning on taking it somewhere to get the hard drive taken out so he could get the info off of it (that’s why it was in the car in the first place).  His cell phone was purchased through work, so they were able to wipe all of the info off of it, and they’ll replace it for him.  What sucks the most is the broken window.

Be careful when you leave your phone in the car to charge, because I think that’s what attracted the thief.  The charger glows bright red when it’s plugged in, screaming to come check out the car.  The computer was under a box in the backseat, so I know the thief couldn’t have seen it.

The most annoying thing about the whole ordeal is that it took the police about 2.5 hours to get there, and it was freezing out Friday night.  Luckily the restaurant was open so we could stay inside while we waited.  They said they were having problems finding the place.  I don’t know how many times we gave them intersections, the name of the restaurant, and the address, and they couldn’t get there.  I know they have GPS in the cars, so it really shouldn’t have taken that long to find it.

A little after midnight, I finally lost it and called the police department back.  I got a little bitchy, but it was well-deserved.  They had us waiting in a sketchy neighborhood with  our car wide open for anyone else to come by and take stuff.  Hell, for all we knew the thief could have still been in the area watching us.  Finally at 12:30 a cop showed up.  It took him 10 minutes to write a report, which we didn’t even get a copy of because he was out of them.  He tore off a piece of paper from his notepad and gave T a confirmation number.  Then he told him if he needed the report, he could call city hall and get a copy.  Awesome, all that waiting for nothing!

My friend’s (ASP) boyfriend works at a car dealership, so he can help us get the window fixed, but the glass place wasn’t open over the weekend.  So we have to wait to do it sometime this week.  What sucks is that it’s about 30 minutes from our house, and we’ll have to take it after work, through craptastic Atlanta traffic.  Hate.

The rest of the weekend went fine.  Saturday we just bummed around the house watching football.  We finally started on our thank you cards, there are only like 27 left to do! Hooray!  We couldn’t finish because we ran out of cards.

Sunday we did some shopping and I got some cute outfits at H&M.  After shopping, we had some drinks and got majorly hooked up by the bartender.  He only charged us for half of the drinks.  I love it when that happens.  Then I dragged T to see Twilight.  And, it really wasn’t that great.  I figured I wouldn’t love it, but I didn’t think I’d be so disappointed with it.  The acting wasn’t impressive, the chemistry was seriously lacking, the script breezed through the love story, and it left out some pretty important parts of the story (in my opinion at least).  It did have us laughing though, even at times that weren’t meant to be funny.  Oh well.  At least we avoided the psychotic teen fans by going at dinner time on Sunday.

If you saw it, what were your thoughts?