I know you are wondering what’s going on with the wonderful birthday present I gave myself last Friday.  Did you forget?  My fat and jacked up ankle.  Ugh…

I decided to go to the doctor on Wednesday just because it was super swollen on both sides, various shades of black, blue and purple, and it was pretty stiff.  I went to an orthopedic doc that my co-worker recommended (she broke her foot when T and I were on our honeymoon).  After unwrapping the million things from my foot that I was using to support it, I got 3 X-rays taken.  Luckily there were no broken bones.  Yay!  But I might have slightly torn the ligament.  Boo!  The doc gave me some pain meds that would also reduce swelling (upon further investigation, I discovered they were the same meds they give to fibramialga and arthritis patients.  I’m hoping they help shrink my ankle back to it’s regular size.) and told me that I need to do physical therapy to strengthen my ankle.  He says that it will help shrink the tendon back to it’s normal size, making me less likely to sprain it in the future.  I start in 2 weeks.

The ankle has gotten a little smaller as I was able to cram it into my boot this morning.  I’m just hoping I can get it back off at the end of the day.  I also had to wear 2 different socks so that it would slide in fairly easily into my boot.  My sprained foot is cold since I could only wear a nylon stocking, while my left foot is fairly toasty.

My busted up ankle has also lead to us postponing our little Savannah vacay in honor of my birthday.  Walking is still not going so smoothly, and standing around for long periods of time still hurts like a bitch.   But seriously, I have perfected the pimp walk! 🙂


On the Twilight front, I finished all 4 books in around 9 days.  I had to take a few day break in order to wait for my sister to give me Breaking Dawn for my birthday.  I liked it, but it was a little strange.  I still like Twilight and Eclipse the best.  But now I’m sad that the I’m done with the series.  I guess it’s time to find something new to read.  I’ve decided that I will see the movie just because of all of the hype.  I really hope it doesn’t suck.  Like I said before, I really hate it when movie makers don’t transfer the true meaning and emotions behind the story into the on-screen version.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I don’t hate it.


The weather in Atlanta is ridiculous.  The high is in the 40s.  In November!  This is completely insane.  It’s supposed to drop into the 20s tonight.  I’m not looking forward to this at all.  I foresee a lot of snuggling under heavy blankets going on this weekend.

Plus, my office might as well be outside since it’s so damn drafty.  I can feel the air blowing in through the cracks of the door.  The heater is turned up to 76 (ridiculous) because this old building does not retain any heat whatsoever.  Sigh…


It was so much fun participating in and reading everyone’s secrets during BlogSecret.  Some people seriously shared some super juicy things!

Happy weekend!