Hello freaders!  Today I will be taking a break from writing you a post to participate in the great Blog Secret exchange.  I have shared a secret, which is hosted somewhere out there on the Internets.  I can’t wait to read what everyone else had to say.  Without further ado, I bring you my anonymous post from an anonymous blogger.  Happy reading!

blogsecret1I hated her with everything I had. Because of the betrayl, the words, the newspaper article. The betrayl. She apologized, of course she did. I gave her a syrupy sweet smile, told her I understood… when really I was only seeing red.

Weeks later and I’m dancing in my stilettos while she’s pouring jager down my throat, hoping I’ll forget what she did. There’s a fog in the bar and the whole sorority is drunk and stupid. I’m having a hard time not ripping her hair out on the dance floor. Her hair is like a crotch of pubes. Then I notice her purse.

Her purse is so casually flung in the corner of our booth because crotch-head wouldn’t dare believe a sister to betray her the way she betrayed me. I stumble towards it in my alochol-induced stupor. We’re all embarassingly drunk. I flip open the sequined clutch and take out all of her stuffed bills. No one notices.

I put the money down my cowboy boot and continued with the dancing and the jager. At closing time crotch-head realizes the terrible injustice, and I just laugh and take my friends to eat at Steak-N-Shake.

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