Thank you America for finally realizing that it was time for a change.  Congrats to Barack Obama and Joe Biden for winning the election last night! Barack’s speech was amazing and brought tears to my eyes.  I can’t wait till the inauguration.

I am so proud to be a part of a generation that really became motivated for this momentous election, learned the facts, and went out to vote.  I am also proud to say that I voted for the first black president (even though Georgia went red…grr).  It’s about time that someone besides elderly white men held important positions in the government.  What about the rest of us whose views and beliefs they don’t share?  Are we supposed to sit back and suffer?  I’m so glad there is a new party in power, with beliefs that are much more similar to mine.

Being in the South, there are a lot of Republicans, especially once you leave the city limits of Atlanta.  I have nothing against Republicans.  I believe that we are all entitled to our opinions and should be able to discuss them freely.  What is really getting under my skin post-election are the narrow-minded people who are being so ignorant about the results of the election.  Signing into Facebook, I’ve seen some pretty terrible things written in people’s statuses.  And it makes me sick.

I’ve seen things like: “praying that God be with the new president. And by God, I mean the Christian one. Remember? The one upon which our country was founded?”  “Why, God, Why?  “Praying for our country”  And I could go on.

Who the hell says stuff like this?  It makes me so mad.  God has nothing to do with government in America.  Remember people, there is a separation of church and state.

I don’t know if you see the same thing in other parts of the country (or Canada), but in Georgia many of the Republicans claim to be christian yet they are the first people to judge others and discriminate based on skin color.  It is so hypocritical and drives me batty.  Some of the people who claim to be the most “christian” are the ones making the nastiest remarks.  Hinting about moving to Canada if he lives for the next 3 days.  I never liked Bush, but I would never wish an assassination upon him!  I can’t fathom, no matter how much you didn’t like the elected president, that people are making remarks that sound like they are wishing harm on him.

Another thing that is getting under my skin, is when Republicans are complaining about Obama’s lack of experience.  Hello?!?!  Does anyone else find this comical?  Palin hadn’t been out of the country until recently.  She has no real political experience outside of Alaska.  But no one was worried that if McCain passed away as president, she’d take over.  Whatever…

America is such a diverse country, where people hope to go to experience a better life and achieve their dreams. We are the land of the free, yet some people’s ignorance continues to hold us back and hinders forward progress.  I’m so tired of all of this negativity.  Why can’t we all accept gay marriage?  Or all be happy that our country just elected its first black president?

We are like a patchwork quilt, a nation made up from a variety of colors and backgrounds.  We should embrace this and thrive from all of our diversity, not cover it up or try to get rid of it.  A patchwork quilt isn’t so pretty if all of it’s squares are white.

**I’m not hating on all Republicans, just the ones who are being ignorant.  My dad is a republican, and he is hopeful that Obama can make a difference and better our country.  Even though he didn’t vote for him, he is stepping up and supporting him anyway because he is our country’s new leader.  I think all people need to believe this.  He is our president and nothing will change that.  Instead of wishing failure on him, you should support him because what happens to his policies affects all of us, not just the Republicans or Democrats.**