So I guess I fell off of the wedding recap band wagon.  Ooopsie.  I have to say I’ve been really busy at work and trying to adjust back to normal life.  Since I have some time, I will grace you with wedding recap part 3!

Make sure you read part 1 and part 2 first!

New Yorkers and New Hampshire. A decent chunk of our guests came down from out of town.  My dad’s family is from NH and pretty much all of T’s family is from NY, and a lot of our friends from high school are too.  It was flattering to have them take time off of work and spend the money to share our special day with us.  I wish we could all be together in one place more often!

Officiant. T and I are both Catholic flunkies (neither one of us has been confirmed) but we wanted to have a religious ceremony and not one by a justice of the peace.  We were lucky when we found out about the Reformed Catholic Church.  Our priest was a great guy who could do our ceremony outside of a church, which is exactly what we were looking for.  Plus he was a funny guy who definitely made everyone laugh a few times during the ceremony.  This was totally needed in those tear-jerking, choking up, trying not to cry moments.

People. We had right around 127 guests at the wedding.  To me, this was the perfect size.  Thankfully our venue was really spacious so we were never overly crammed in.  Plus I lost it when I walked down the aisle and realized that all of these people were here to see T and I exchange our vows and pledge our undying love to each other.  If there had been more people, I may have passed out from the nerves!

A pretty full house

Photos. T and I decided to take our formal pictures beforehand so we could spend more time with our guests post-ceremony.  I am so glad we did this!  Not only did we get to have our own special moment together, but it helped get some of the nerves out of my system.  Plus I think I cried a little less walking down the aisle for real.  Here’s a funny story:  As we were about to have our moment, the venue started playing this God-awful, sappy Mariah Carey song.  I was already emotional enough, but the song set me over the edge (I think it was that Hero song).  I’m making my way down the aisle, trying not to completely cry all of my make up off.  Finally I’d reached my breaking point.  I turned around and yelled to one of the groomsmen to get his iPod and play something more upbeat.  He ran off to get the music changed, but of course a new upbeat song started playing once I reached T.  Figures.

Trying not to lose it.  Damn you Mariah!

Photo Album. Our pictures came in while we were on our honeymoon, so we’ve basically had them for about 2 months.  Have we chosen the images for the album yet?  No.  We are seriously slacking, but it’s going to take some serious time to pick out the pictures and the page layout we want.  I’m hoping maybe we can try to tackle this on Sunday.  There are seriously like 1,000 photos to sort through!  Yikes.

Post-Wedding Party. Yup, T and I had an after party.  Instead of heading back to the hotel, we gathered with friends and family to celebrate our nuptials into early Monday morning at some friends’ house.  It was great.  It is true what they say about you being mentally and physically exhausted after your wedding.  Towards the end of our stint at the after party, I swear I almost fell asleep standing up!

Celebrating our marriage at the after party.  Keeping it classy!

Questions. Wow, I couldn’t think of anything Q-related.  Feel free to ask me for wedding advice.  I will gladly share my wedding knowledge with you!

Reception. It was amazing.  Everyone post-festivities has told T and me that our wedding was the best they had ever been to.  The food was perfect, the venue was gorgeous, the flowers kicked ass, and everyone loved the DJ and our music selections.  I’m totally not trying to brag, but this makes me feel good.  I’ve only been to one other friend’s wedding recently, so I really had nothing to borrow ideas from.  I basically just went with things I liked and everything turned out the way we had hoped.

Songs. T and I danced our first dance to World on a String by Sinatra.  The song was perfect because it was sweet but not tear inducingly sappy.  My dad and I danced to Daughters by John Mayer, which was sweet and only made me tear up a little.  Now, every time I hear that song I think of the wedding and dancing with my dad.  T and his mom danced to The Greatest Love of All by Whitney Houston.  This one is a tear jerker.  T’s mom was cute and had arranged a signal with the DJ to cut the song when she got too teared up.

Of course we had Baby Got Back in the mix at the reception.  T’s cousin Dan took the mic from the DJ at one point and rapped along for the entire song.  Of course all the ladies shook it like it was our job.  T’s dad loves James Brown, so at one point he did a buzzed rendition of a James hit and tried to moonwalk while singing.  It was hilarious.

T. The love of my life.  My husband.  He’s always such a tough guy, but he teared up while saying his vows.  It was so cute, except that it got me crying even more.  He was also super nervous.  The entire time we were up at the alter (or whatever it’s called when you are not in a church), he was pale as a ghost and sweating.  For a while I blew on his face to try to cool him down.  At one point he had to wipe his forehead, which resulted in me getting a clamy hand back to hold.  I have also never seen him smile so much in one day (even when the Dawgs beat the crap out of one of our rivals).  He is amazing and I love him more than anything in the world!  I am glad to call myself his wife.

Unbustled. My dress’ bustles did not survive the reception.  People kept trampling the train, even when it was up.  By the end of the night, most of it was down because a couple of them ripped out.  It was done in a French bustle, where there are a lot of little color-coded ribbons that tie together.  Probably not the best way to keep a fairly heavy train out of the way.

Video. T and I opted to have a videographer at the wedding, and I’m so glad we did.  This allowed us to capture all of the sweet and funny moments of the day.  The video arrived in the mail about 2 weeks ago and we have an edited version and the unedited footage.  I can’t wait to watch both!  Especially the unedited one!

Waterworks. There were quite a few criers throughout the day.  My friend and bridesmaid ASP was the first to pop (as she called it).  She lost it when I got into my dress and put my veil on.  Little S shed some tears during the ceremony and when she gave her toast.  Our friend Jackie knew she was going to bawl, so she had a wad of tissues in her hand (which can be seen in some of the photos and in the video).  T teared up during the vows, which made me choke up a lot! You know what I’m not that sure of, is if my mom cried.  I think she teared up a little, but never fully lost it.  Or at least she never let me see.

X-static. I know this is not a real word that starts with X, but I’m stumped.  That is the emotion I’m going to use to sum up my feelings and a lot of other people’s feelings.  T and I have been together so long, that we have all of the same friends.  They were all so happy to finally see us tie the knot, and were more than happy to help us celebrate.

Yay! You’re almost done with the recap!

Zo. Zo was one of the groomsmen, and he is hilarious.  At one point during the reception, he started dancing with T’s grammy.  She is almost 90 and uses a walker to get around.  It was hilarious to see them shake it.  The best part is, she talked about it for weeks!  She was so excited to get up and dance.  Later on in the reception, Zo and our friend Drew busted out into a pop and lock dance off.  It was insane to watch them go.  The crowd made a circle around them and went nuts.

Fin!  I bet you never thought I’d get through this!