As you all know, I voted early.  So, I do have to admit, I feel a little left out today not being at the polls.  T went this morning, a little after 8, and it only took him about an hour.  I guess I should have waited.  To make sure I felt like a part of the whole process today, I saved my I voted sticker for today.  And I am wearing it.  On my blue shirt. 🙂  In honor of the election, T and I have decided to host an impromptu election night party.  We’ll have some hors d’oeuvres and drinks, then watch the coverage with some of our friends.  Now here’s where you come in, my loyal readers.  We’ve picked out some yummy munchables that don’t require too much cook time (or money) to serve tonight.  Here is what we’ve settled on so far:

  • Crab stuffed mushrooms (T made these for my birthday dinner last year, and they were AMAZING)
  • Edamame (Alton Brown did a whole segment on cooking them at home last night, so we thought we’d try it out)
  • Cheese, turkey pepperoni (this is the BEST pepperoni ever!) crackers and french bread
  • Pigs in a blanket

My daily reads keep increasing, but my comments stay about the same.  I want to know who you are and what you think.  So delurk (or just comment if you aren’t a lurker) and tell me:

What do you think of the menu?  Do you have any yummy apps to suggest?  Or any fun drink recipes to share?

And if you’re in America today, get your butt out to the polls and vote!