I forgot how much negative campaign ads bother me until they start going into constant rotation, and everyday I’m told by one candidate how unqualified for a position his/her opponent is.  This really gets under my skin.  It also makes me feel like a person is not really qualified to hold any type of official position because all they can focus on is their opponent’s flaws.  Enough already.  I want to hear you discuss the way you will improve our government.  I don’t need you to tell me about other people’s mistakes and repeatedly bash them to try and get my vote.

There are specific commercials airing in Georgia for our US Senate candidates that have gotten out of control.  Both candidates drag each other through the mud, and the worst part is that some of their ads are misleading.  They take negative votes on past issues and turn them into scathing ads, but they leave out the details that clarify why the person voted that way in the first place.  It’s very misleading.

What scares me about this is that there are people out there who don’t really know much about politics and will go to vote, and they will let these smear campaigns be the reason they vote the way they do. Instead of doing research to find out where a candidate stands, they will latch onto the negative and make an uninformed decision.

Honestly, the mudslinging makes me not want to vote for either candidate.  Luckily I voted last week before the damn commercials aired every 2 minutes.  I also feel that the Republican candidate makes personal attacks on his Democratic challenger, which in my opinion, has no basis being brought up in a political campaign.  I don’t care about what goes on in their personal lives or what they did when they were in college.  I want to hear about the issues and how they will strive to better our sinking economy.  And if you are going to bring up past voting records, make sure you include all the facts.  Stop leaving out the information that explains why a particular vote was cast.

How do you feel about political attack ads and mudslinging?  Does it make you want to run out and vote?  Or not support either candidate?