I just told my boss that I am taking off December 22-30 to go to NY for Christmas to see T’s family.  Woot!  I’m excited.  I’m also hoping that she gives us the days between Christmas and New Year’s off again.  Last year it was awesome!

I just booked flights for the NY trip for T and I, and they only cost $439 for both tickets.  I am beyond stoked about this.  All the other tickets I’d looked into were around $300-350 per person!  That’s insane.  The only crappy thing about our tickets is that we have a layover on the way back.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there isn’t any bad weather.

This will be the first Christmas I haven’t spent with my immediate family.  I’m trying to convince them to go to NY so we can all celebrate together!

My Halloween costume came in the mail yesterday, and it’s slut-tastic.  It’s sooo short.  Gah, why are we always expected to be half-naked?  Hopefully I can find some leggings to wear under it so I feel more covered up and don’t freeze to death.

Woo-hoo, Halloween is almost here!  I can’t wait!  Now we just need to decide on what we’re doing.

I am in the process of updating these super boring excel sheets that outline our PR plans for our clients.  I have to make sure the 2008 ones are up to date and make sure all of the info I entered in for 2009 is accurate.  Gag!

One of my co-workers fractured her foot while I was on my honeymoon, about 2 months ago.  She is in her mid-50s and acts like her foot was sawed off.  It’s insane.  When she first injured it, she did all of this crazy stuff so she wouldn’t have to use crutches:  she rented this weird scooter thing to get around, she set out rolling chairs all over her house so she wouldn’t have to hobble, etc.  It wasn’t even that bad.  And she still acts like she just hurt it yesterday, and that she’s a 90 year old who can’t bounce back from an injury.  We are all annoyed by this because she constantly complains about it.  I.E – She voted early yesterday and had to stand in line for 1.5 hours.  Today she says she could barely move it when she got up, even though she’s walking around the office just fine.  It’s a minor fracture!  Not a shattered bone!

My boss is super sweet, but sometimes she gets so snippy.  I don’t think she handles pressure/stress very well.  Maybe she’s going through “the change.”  It’s really annoying.  It also bugs the hell out of me when she walks into my office, drops a paper on my desk, and asks me to fax it to the client.  In the time it took her to do that, she could have done it herself.  I’m not an intern!

I have a phone conference tonight at 5:30 that usually lasts until 6:30.  I hate those.  They run so late for us because our client is in another time zone.  It would be so much nicer if we could start at 4:30 or 5 so I could leave work at my normal time.

Got any happy/annoying news you want to share/vent about?  🙂