No I am not in outer space, but it would be cool to actually float.  I took some knock-off Zyrtec last night to help my awful eye allergies.  It’s really pretty funky (if you’re eating maybe you should finish before continuing on…I’m just saying).  All day long I constantly feel like I have something in my eye.  I am so thankful that I don’t wear contacts or I would be screwed.  My eyes get so bad that I have to stick my finger in them to wipe out the offending “eye slime” (that’s what Little S, my mom and I call it).  I do this multiple times throughout the day, and it’s really pretty annoying.  Not to mention disgusting for the people around me who get to see this every few minutes.

I probably squirt in my allergy drops up to 5 times a day, more if it’s a really gunky day. I’m starting to wonder if maybe I’m becoming immune to them because I honestly feel that they aren’t working nearly as well as they used to.  I wake up in the morning and my eyes are gritty and feel like sandpaper, or they are so gunked up that it blurs my vision.  Nasty I know.  I’m sorry.  Since the drops aren’t doing much in the way of stopping my eyeball irritation, I tried taking the knock-off Zyrtec last night in the hopes that it would do something.  Well, it definitely did something.  My eyes feel better but damn am I floaty, mediciney headed today.  It’s awful.  I took the pill almost 12 hours ago and still feel a little out of it.  You should’ve seen me when I finally managed to get up this morning.  I could barely open my eyes and was a little stumbley.  Awesome.  Punch-drunk Zyrtec.  Boo.  Does anyone have any eyedrops they can recommend?

In order to combat this constant tired floaty feeling, I decided to get some Starbucks.  I figured the caffeine would give me that little jolt I need to not pass out on my desk until this medicine high decides to go away.  Now here’s the thing; I hardly ever drink coffee because it bugs my stomach.  This means that I am far from being a Starbucks expert.  In all practicality I’m a Starbucks semi-virgin (I think I made a new term here) since I’ve been less than 25 times ever.

I always feel like such a dumbass before I go.  I don’t know the lingo and seriously research the menu online before going so I know how to order the right thing and not look like an outsider.  I can never remember the name for the small (tall – I researched) or the type of drink I want.  On past occasions I have totally confused the frappacinos with hot beverages and ended up with some frozen goodness on a chilly day.  Yeah, not quite what I had expected.

Today I did well though.  I decided on a pumpkin spice latte in honor of fall and the pretty colors outside, then had a true fat kid moment and ordered a pumpkin and cream cheese muffin.  And Oh. My. God. was it to die for.  So delish!  I love cream cheese in baked goods and with the spiciness of the muffin, it was perfect.  I scarfed that thing down in less than 5 minutes and chased it with my coffee.  So much for savoring the flavor.  I wish I had more.  😦

Random Side Note:

Are any of you having issues with deciding on/finding Halloween costumes?  I thought I was all set because I wanted T and I to be Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas.  It would have been awesome.  I even found costumes online.  But after further review, I realized that Sally’s outfit was sort of budget.  She wears this colorful patchwork dress, which is what the costume looked like from the front.  The back, on the other hand, is plain pink.  Does anyone else find this sort of strange?  I’d look very one sided with my colorful front and plain back.  Now I am having second thoughts on spending money on a half-assed costume.

And this is where my problem starts.  I can’t decide on what else to do.  I haven’t bought a real costume in years because I always make one from stuff I already own (I’ve been Courtney Love, Madonna, an 80’s girl, a German beer girl in a dirndl, and Heidi from Tool Time).  But this year I want a costume.  My big problem is that they are super duper slutty or drab and boring.  Either your ass, tits or snatch (sorry) is hanging out or you’re covered from head to toe.  I want to find a happy medium, but something tells me that I will end up whoring it up.  Oh well, what do I care?  I already have a husband, and he can protect me from the pervs on Halloween.

I do have another costume though.  JD and I are hosting our annual joint birthday party/Halloween bash.  Her birthday is actually tomorrow (don’t forget to wish her a good one) and mine is in mid-November, but it’s always fun to host the Birthday Spooktacular together.  She suggested that we be Smurfs.  And honestly, I loved that idea!  It’ll be pretty easy to do.  I figure we can use blue latex paint to cover ourselves with and find a white dress (we’ll both be Smurfette).  All we need is the Smurf hat.  Does anyone know what that boot-like hat is called and where I can find it?  Help!