This morning when I woke up, it was 40 degrees outside.  We slept with the windows open and the fan on.  Yeah, it was pretty cold this morning when I got out of bed.  Like 64 degrees inside.  Brr…

Because of the cold, I am wearing my new cute boots and a sweater.  The boots are fuzzy and warm inside, which makes me happy.  The fact that it’s now 64 degrees outside makes me feel slightly goofy for dressing like it’s winter.  Oh well, this morning it might as well have been winter.

So I couldn’t find a picture of them online.  Yes my leg is hiked up on my desk, and I’m taking the picture with my camera phone.  Notice the Chapstick that never leaves my side! 🙂

Speaking of boots, I ordered some more from DSW this morning because I had a coupon for $10 and a code for free shipping.  I am trying to justify the purchase…I need new black boots because my other ones are old.  Plus they are super cute!

I got them in black!  I can’t wait till they get here!

I really haven’t done much work at all today.  I’ve been chatting with co-workers, joining Twitter, buying boots and looking at Halloween costumes.  Oops!

Speaking of Halloween, does anyone have any cool costume ideas that they want to share?  I’m sort of stumped.  I want to do something funny but be clever at the same time…

I’m going to make French onion soup for dinner because it’s yummy and T loves it.  I can’t wait!

I’m wearing skinny jeans today so I can tuck them into my boots.  I love the way the look, but damn these things could use a little more elastic in them.  I can’t tuck my leg under me because there is so little stretch in the knee.  Hopefully they will get better with time!

Comcast is fired.  We upgraded to an HD TiVo box a few weeks ago, and have to use cable cards since it doesn’t run through a cable box.  Two Fridays ago, they came to install the cards, but one was broken (you either need 2 cards or a multistream card to record 2 things at once)  So they had to come back.  They came back on Saturday with a multistream card, but for some strange reason it only picks up the non-cable channels (NBC, ABC, etc.).  I’m pissed.  I can’t believe the technician didn’t check it before he left.  Now I have to wait till Wednesday to get a new card.  Stupid Comcast…maybe I’ll call them again and raise some hell!

So, what random things are you doing this Monday afternoon?