Last night I took my first step into the bread-like baking arena.  I’ve baked cookies and cakes before but never anything bready, like a pretzel.  I do have to admit that I was a little scared by this task at first, but once I got going it wasn’t too bad.

Originally we were hoping to get a recipe from T’s Oma, but we weren’t able to track it down in time.  So we found one on and went from there.

I mixed everything together and got a lump of super sticky dough that I had to kneed for like 8 minutes.  That was seriously some hard work.  After that, I put the lump in a greasy bowl so it could rest for an hour.

A little later, T and I were ready to dive hands first into pretzel making, so we took the dough out of the fridge.  Let me tell you, the thing tripled in size.  It was huge.  We cut it into 12 chunks and began rolling away.

T and I have different pretzel making styles.  Mine look like your traditional pretzels while his had lots of twists in the middle.  We both had an amazing time, and it was such a stress reliever to roll the dough, swing it around and fold it into a pretzel.  We coated them in a whole egg wash solution so they would get golden brown and loaded on the kosher salt so they’d be authentic.  We tried one last night, and it was amazing!

I am about to head out for the day, and head to our Oktoberfest party so I can chow down on our masterpieces.

The pretzels before they went into the oven.  The twisty middles are T’s.

The finished products!  Salty and delicious.