Everyday when I get home, I experience the same phenomenon.  Now that the weather is cooler, I leave my upstairs windows open all day long.  As soon as I pull in front of my house, I am greeted by meows from Fado, sitting in my window.  All I can see is his greenish eyes peering out at me from behind the screen and his pink little mouth opening and closing as he greets me.  Then I hear the thump of him leaping onto the floor to run down the stairs and sit by the door until I come in.  When I push open the door, there they sit.  Two fuzz balls meowing, meowing and meowing.  They are happy that I’m home.  They want their squishy food.  They want to go outside.  This is my routine every night.

Normally I head into the kitchen and open the sliding glass door to let them out and let fresh air in.  Sometimes they, mainly Fado, go outside right away.  Other times they sit and howl until I feed them.  You would think that they are half starved by the way the act even though they have 3 food bowls filled with dry food.  Fado is a little vocal, but Zoey is annoying.  She just walks under my feet howling.  Then when I try to get the can food out of the cabinet, she tries to dive in head first.  What can I say, she’s a fatty and has always been obsessed with her food.  Things quiet down once their bowls hit the floor.

Fado usually eats a few bites, then runs outside while Zoey eats hers and finishes off his.  Then she will still continue to follow me around.  Sometimes we’ll go onto the porch, where I will have a cig and she’ll rub on my foot or leg.  Sometimes she’ll roll in the dirt (I love it when she does this – the other week she rolled in dog shit.  It was awesome.) and other times she will just meow at me and let me scratch her head.  She’s a funny one. And that’s how my work day ends, every day.

Falafels and Tatziki

Last night I made homemade tatziki to accompany some delicious falafels.  I really love this dish and realize I need to make it more often.  Yesterday though, things did not go quite so well.  We received some awesome new non-stick pans as a wedding present.  I love them but still have to get used to the fact that I can’t crank the heat up on them without having semi-disastrous results.

Last night, for example, I poured my peanut oil into a pan and heated it up on med-hi.  I thought it looked ready, so I plopped my first batch of falafels in (I had heard some popping, which I thought was the oil, but I think it was actually water on the burner).  Well, the oil wasn’t hot enough.  Boo.  I turned up the heat some hoping to salvage them.  Well, this lead to them burning into the pan.  Trying to scrape a half fried falafel out of a pan filled with hot oil is not fun.  And not great for the falafel.  Needless to say, some of the first batch ended up as falafel crumbs.  The next round went much better.

In the end, I stuffed a few of these bad boys, some feta, cucumbers and lettuce into a pita and topped it with my tatziki sauce.  Let me tell you, it’s awesome.  In case you are curious, I will share my recipe with you.  I don’t really measure anything and just go by taste.  But this should give you an idea for the ingredients.

Bing’s Tatziki Sauce

1 large container of Greek yogurt (can be any amount of fat – I used non-fat last night, and the size varies depending on how much you want to make)

Olive oil

Fresh garlic or garlic paste/garlic powder

Lemon juice


Paprika (I like the way it looks and tastes – can be skipped)

English cucumber (I use part of it in the dip and slices of it in the pita pocket)

Salt and pepper

1.  Peel and shred the cucumber into a strainer and top with salt.  This will draw the water out.  The longer you wait, the better.  I usually wait about 30 minutes.

2. Drain any liquid off of the yogurt and pour into a bowl.  You can add a dash of olive oil if you like.

3.  Mix in desired amount of garlic, dill, lemon juice, paprika, salt and pepper.  I like a lot of garlic and dill!

4.  Add in the cucumbers and gently stir.  (Remember to go easy on the salt because the cucumbers are salted)

5.  Store in the fridge for about an hour so the flavors meld together.  Serve with falafels, pitas or any other Greekish food!

Happy weekend!