Have you ever noticed how much in life we take for granted?  Our health, happiness, our safety and security, having a roof over our head.  Everyday I wake up and a series of events takes place in a fairly similar order, then it repeats itself.  I never give much thought to the fact that one day this could change.  Something could happen to me or someone I love, completely shaking up the pattern my life has fallen into.

Everyday I hear these horrible stories on the news about people being kidnapped and murdered, and it makes me so upset.  What happened to our world?  When did people stop caring about other people?

Yesterday, once I arrived home from my weekend media trip, T shared some devastating news with me.  One of our friends from high school had died over the weekend.  Sean had been a regular fixture at all of our high school parties.  T had played hockey with him since elementary school.  Sean was the goalie and T his defenseman.  I asked T what happened, expecting to hear that he had been in a car accident.  Well, technically he was.  Except he wasn’t in a car.

He had been riding his bike on the side of the road and was hit by a car.  A car that drove off and left him there alone in the dark.  Luckily someone found him and called the police.  He suffered serious head trauma, and after a lengthy surgery passed away.

I was stunned.  I stop if I run over an animal.  How could someone hit a person and not stop?  No one will ever know if that car had stopped if it would have made a difference and he would have been able to be saved.

The thing that really makes me angry and gets under my skin is that at this moment his family has no idea who killed their brother, son and husband.  T and I were also very close to his younger brother and wife, and it breaks my heart to think of all the pain they are in right now.  And that they may never know what happened.  As of now, there are no witnesses.  Plus he was on a bike…I’m not sure if the police could find any paint from the car on it to track his killer down.

It just sucks that it had to happen to such a great guy.  And it also shows that no matter how careful you are to be safe and protect yourself, there are idiots out there who don’t give a shit about anyone else but themselves.  And a lot of people out there really don’t care how their actions affect others.

Sean, you will be missed!