Every morning while I get ready for work, I watch The Today Show.  One of the reasons is because I really enjoy the show and the topics they cover.  The other is because our old house has no cable upstairs, and it’s the only channel that comes in perfectly clear.

This morning right after I got out of the shower, I saw a segment about Reborn Babies.  Go ahead and read about it really quick…I’ll wait.  Ok.  I have to say it is one of the creepiest things I’ve seen in a long time.

Grown women carry around these very lifelike dolls.  Some even take them out in strollers or car seats, and treat and talk to them like real children.  The dolls are really expensive.  The ones they discussed this morning cost upwards of $1,000.  Seriously?  Why would you pay that much money for a doll!  I don’t get it.  You would never let your daughter play with it because it’s so expensive, and it could get ruined.

Matt Lauer was doing the interview, and he was pretty incredulous about the whole thing.  I swear he was struggling to not look at them like they were insane.  One of the women who was interviewed never had kids, so the doll is a replacement for the baby she never had.  Another is a huge doll collector.  The third was a mom with a young child and said that having a doll brought her closer to her daughter.  Ok, maybe this lady is a little less strange.  But the others really weirded me out.

Some people have the dolls made to honor a young child that passed away, and I can understand that.  Loosing someone you love is hard, and having something that makes you feel like that loved one is back is comforting.  If you are able to “take care” of the baby and talk to it like it was your loved one, it must bring some sort of peace to you.

Did anyone else see this?  If so, what are your thoughts?

All I know is you will never see me carrying around a fake baby!  It’s just too weird!