Today I was out of the office, at a client site helping with a ribbon cutting.  At first I was a little nervous about going since my boss had an important meeting that couldn’t be rescheduled and I’d be alone.  But in the end it was fine.  I got to do a little behind the scenes work and help gather photographers so they could get the pictures they needed.  I also met a few of the people I regularly e-mail and speak with over the phone.  It’s so great to finally put a face to a name and voice.

After the ribbon cutting, there was a luncheon where the GM spoke along with some important people from the town the property is located in.  The food was amazing.  I’ve eaten there a few other times when the boss and I have traveled there for meetings.  But today’s food was special.  We had braised shortribs, some veggies and the cutest desserts!  It was the property’s 20th anniversary, so they brought out the desserts with little sparklers in them.  The band that provided our entertainment also played happy birthday.  It was really special.

After the event, I went and checked out one of the local radio stations, which was really neat.  I was introduced to some important people and got the behind the scenes tour.  I’ve never been in a radio station before, so it was really cool to see what one really looked like.

The whole day has been fun, but the best part is…that I got home at 4:30 and didn’t have to go to the office!  Now it’s time to veg out and catch up on my Google reader and TiVo.

When I’m not so swamped, I’ll finish up the wedding recap.  I promise! 🙂