This weekend was a lot of fun, and while T and I saved a decent amount of money hanging out at a friend’s party on Friday night and grilling out at another friend’s house to watch UGA pummel AZ State on Saturday, we managed to blow through a ton of money on Sunday.  In about 3 hours.  Oops.  This joint bank account stuff is giving us more money than we are used to having separately, and money we got as a wedding gift is tempting us.

Sunday we ran some errands in the afternoon.  Our first stop was at Bed, Bath and Beyond to buy some of the items off of our registry that we didn’t get and to exchange some other gifts.  One of the things I really wanted was Henkels knives.  I didn’t get them, so we picked them up on Sunday, along with some more sheets and a new clothes hamper.  After our stop at BBB, T wanted to go check out Best Buy.  So we headed off to our next B-themed store.  He really wanted to buy a PS3 because A) now that he passed the CPA he has time to actually play video games again, B) it has a Blue Ray player built in it.  I was all about it until I saw the price (multiple hundreds of dollars) and almost passed out.  Then he made the argument that if we one day decided to buy a Blue Ray, we’d be spending the same amount of money.  With the PS3, we’d get to play games and watch super clear movies.  So I caved.

While he was looking through games and picking out other accessories, I wandered off to another area of the store and found the Rock Band kit with the game, drums, guitar and mic.  So I grabbed the huge box, lugged it to the cart, and plopped it in.  When T saw me, he almost died.  He made fun of me for bitching about how much the PS3 cost but then I made a good point.  If we were going to drop this much cash, I wanted some games that I can play and enjoy too .  So we got Rock Band (yay) and he picked out Grand Theft Auto 4 (which I am also anxious to see).  We also ended up buying a service plan to cover any glitches the PS3 may have.  So yeah, lots of money spent.

What I forgot to mention, is that last week T ordered the 46 inch Panasonic super awesome (I forgot the real name) plasma TV, which is coming this week.  So our little un-high-tech living room just got a major upgrade.  Of course this means that we’ll have to upgrade to HDTV and get an HD TiVO so we can fully experience the awesomeness of the new TV.

Boys are so funny!  They need all the latest hi-tech gadgets to be happy.  I was cool with getting Henkels.  Even though I am loving the PS3 and can’t wait to go home and play Rock Band!  And I totally won’t be complaining about HDTV and a dual tuner TiVo (ours is a single tuner).  Woot!