I love TV just as much as the next person, and I must admit that I have my guilty pleasures.  One of my favorite shows (and sometimes it sucks to admit it) is America’s Next Top Model.  I vaguely remember when I started watching the show.  It was the weekend that I graduated from college, and my cousin Linds was in town.  We had some down time between the graduation ceremony, the family party, and going out later that night, so we started watching it.  She LOVED the show, and there happened to be a marathon of it on MTV.  I think it was season 4.  We spent most of the day watching the episodes instead of taking much needed naps.  And I have to say, I became hooked.

That fall I had moved into my apartment in Atlanta, and I was flipping through the channels when I randomly landed on the season premier of cycle 5.  So I started watching, and I am pretty sure that I have been watching ever since.  Last year I remember that I missed the first few episodes because the season started while I was in Germany.  I was a little disapointed because I never realized it was starting (or I would have set my TiVo).  Luckily (this is so pathetic) I found the episodes online and was able to catch up one week while T was out of town for work.

A couple of weeks ago, cycle 11 started.  And let me tell you, this show is starting to go downhill.  I still love it and will still watch it, but Tyra has gotta stop trying to act.  It’s awful.  The season before was pretty cheesy when they were at the Top Model Academy (or whatever it was called) in the beginning, and they were all jaded school girls.  Tyra pretended to be some kind of homecoming queen.  I couldn’t stop laughing.  But I still watched.

On the season premier of Cycle 11, I thought I was going to have to turn the TV off (but I couldn’t make myself do it).  They started off in the corniest way.  It was supposed to be all futuristic, and everyone acted like robots.  It was AWFUL.  There were horrible FX (giant lightning bolts and green zigzigs) and it was so frigging corny.  Thank God that was only the first episode, and it became more normal…until this week.

This week was the makeover episode, and Tyra and the Jays acted out some horrible Snow White, poison apple scene.  It was pretty stupid.  I was so glad T wasn’t home to see it because he already rags me for watching the show.  If he had seen the bad acting, he would have never let me hear the end of it. 🙂  When she was telling the audience what type of hairstyle the girls were getting, she was acting like the magic mirror in Snow White.  Boo!

Anyway, I LOVE the makeover shows, especially when the girls cry about their hairdos.  Maybe I’m evil, but it’s just hair.  It grows back.  Stop balling and suck it up.  But I do love when they give someone who had a nice, normal do something totally crazy.  Those ones are my favorite.  (I love crazy hair.  Talk about drastic…in HS I had shoulder length blonde hair, and I cut it off super short and dyed it bright red.  I know about drastic.  It wasn’t what I had in mind, but in the end I loved it and kept in that way for 3 years). What I hate is when someone has blonde hair, then they dye it platinum and do nothing else.  BORING.

Anyway, that’s my rant on ANTM.  But I still love it and can’t wait for next week’s episode.

Sidenote:  After ANTM I watched the new 90210 (I think it was a replay), but I’m not sure how I feel about it.  The characters seem so contrived, and they are trying way too hard.  Plus the acting is a little meh.  But I was obsessed with the real show (I own the first 2 seasons on DVD – thanks Little S!), so I may give it a chance.  But I have to remember to set the TiVo to record it.  When does it come on?  🙂

Sorry if this is super rambly.  I hung out with my old roommate and have had a few glasses of wine.