This is the continuation of my wedding day recap.  If you haven’t read part one yet, you can find it here.

Inclement Weather: It practically rained on and off throughout the entire day.  I was thankful that we decided to get ready at the venue and never had to leave, because that could have put a hurtin’ on our hair and make up.  I knew it was dreary out, but it never really effected us.  The outside of the venue isn’t the most scenic, so we didn’t miss out on any great exterior shots.  But it did mess up our exit.  Right as we were about to hit the road, it started pouring.  This meant that we couldn’t do our grand finale outside.  We overcame the problem though and had all of the guests line up near the doors and they blew the bubbles as we walked by.  It was a little cramped, but it was fine.  We don’t have any shots of us in the limo though because it was just too gross to bring cameras out.  I’m so glad that I didn’t spend a ton of cash on a fancy ride since there really aren’t any pictures of it.

Jay: Jay was the best man.  He is an awesome guy who has been one of our friends since freshman year of college.  He wrote a really funny toast where he called out T for getting a mani (I made him do it) and for being like a sister since he takes forever to get ready sometimes.  We all laughed our asses off during his speech.

Kids at the wedding: There were only 3 kids at the wedding, T’s 6-year old cousin and my boss’ 5-year old twins.  I hardly even noticed they were there.  The boss’ kids hung around T’s cousin most of the time, and they all just danced with all of the other guests.  They seemed like they had a great time.  My co-worker Mel said they were annoying as hell at the table (she sat with everyone from my office) and they kept having to hide all of the breakable items from them.  I’m just glad I wasn’t near it! 🙂

Kissing: Oh, there was a ton of kissing going on.  Did you know that when your guests start clinking on their glasses, you’re supposed to kiss?  No, we didn’t either.  It took us a minute to figure that one out.  Everyone thought it was funny to have us kiss while we were eating.  Yeah, not so much.  But we did it anyway.

Laughing: There was a ton of laughing going on.  While we were all getting beautified, we just kept cracking up over how doofy we looked with rollers in our hair and tissues underneath them to keep our skin from getting singed.  As soon as the camera guy walked in to film us getting ready, CoLo jokingly called ASP a bitch…we all cracked up because it’s on tape.  T’s little brother B had to climb underneath my dress to steam it (I wasn’t wearing it) but I didn’t know that.  I walked by and saw his head pop out and I almost died.  CoLo and CMc had a speedwalk off in honor of the Olympics (that made for some very random and funny photos).

The steaming of the dress

Little S’s Toast…where she said, “I’d have a lot of friends too if I had a D cup!” Everyone went wild.

Good friends help you pick your wedgie when you can’t reach it through the many layers of your dress

Love: There was so much love in the air that day (I know it sounds corny, but it’s true).  After 8.5 years together, T and I have basically been adopted into each other’s families, and it was great to have both sets there and intermingling.  I was so happy that day to finally marry my best friend and the man I loved that I felt like I was floating from the high of happiness and love.

T’s parents, us, my parents (we totally stood by the wrong set)

Last Name: I am taking T’s last name.  In fact, I officially went and changed it at the DMV during lunch today.  Now comes the painstaking task of changing it everywhere else.

Mom and Mom-in-Law: I have the best mom in the world.  From an early age we’ve always been able to talk and relate, and our relationship has just gotten stronger.  She’s not only my mom, but one of my friends.  The same goes for T’s mom.  She super cool and fun, and I am totally the daughter she never had.  I do have to say that I’m so lucky to have 2 great moms in my life!

My mom and me, doing our favorite pose – open mouth shot!

T’s mom and me

Modern: I never really had a theme for the wedding, but I guess this is what I was shooting for in the end.  That’s how I ended up with the colors we picked, the venue we used, the favors, flowers and cake.  I didn’t want our wedding to be a hoity toity event where people felt uncomfortable.  I wanted everyone to have fun and laugh.  T and I are crazy (especially me) and outgoing, and we wanted to share those emotions with our friends and family.

I heart our colors, linens and centerpieces

Music: The music for the ceremony was very traditional.  I came down the isle to “The Bridal Chorus,” the mothers and grandmothers to “Cannon in D Major,” and the bridal party to “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring.”  T and I walked out as husband and wife to “The Wedding March.”  The music during the cocktail hour was a mix of chill jazz, triphop and other older classics.  During the actual reception we did the usual group dances (Soldier Boi, Cupid Shuffle, Jump On It…you get the idea) and of course had a nice mix of slow songs and faster songs to dance to as well.  Both T and I decided that we didn’t want anything too sappy because we didn’t want everyone to tear up every 5 minutes.

That’s all for part 2!  Part 3 coming soon…