For the last few days, Georgia has been cool.  And it is glorious.  Gone are the days of 90 degree heat, high humidity and basic sweaty hell (for now anyway).  It’s only been in the 70s and overcast, so it has been remarkably pleasant out.  I am even able to turn off the air conditioner and leave the windows open instead.

I always love being able to sleep with the windows open or leave them open during the day because it helps eliminate the stuffiness that develops from always having the house closed up.  Well, my cats Fado and Zoey love this time of year too.  Why, you ask?  Open windows = breezy lounging spots for kitties to enjoy during the day or at night when they are stuck inside.  I opened the windows up on Sunday night, and they have been enjoying themselves there ever since.

The first night I had the windows open, the cats each started off in separate windows.  At one point I awoke to a noise and noticed that both of them were sharing one window space.  I thought it was funny, then went back to sleep.  A little while later I woke up to Fado climbing on top of me to settle in for bed.  I didn’t mind this because T is out of town and it’s nice to snuggle with a cat when he’s not there.  He plopped himself on my side, purring, then went to sleep.  He finally migrated off of me but stayed in the bed, glued to my side.

Monday night went the same way.  I went upstairs to go to bed, the cats followed, and jumped into the window.  They slept there for a while or switched windows, then Fado jumped onto the bed and settled in on or next to me.  It’s cute and all, as long as he lays fairly still.  Which he does for the most part.  But sometimes he gets a little spastic, like last night.

Our same nightly routine began and ended, and I drifted off to sleep.  At some point in the evening I felt a “plop” onto the bed.  I looked over to see Fado coming towards.  I’m used to what he’s going to do by now.  But last night it was different.  Instead of climbing onto my side, he climbed right up to my shoulder / side of my face.  He squished himself into me, then started bathing.  I tried covering up the spot on his side that he was licking.  That didn’t stop him.  I finally shifted and that seemed to stop him.  But then he unfolded himself onto my face.  He was like a little fury pillow and I tried to curl up with him.  But he kept scooting up.  So all of a sudden I was hugging him like a kid hugs a teddy bear, with my face buried into the top of his head.  That was all well and good for about 2 minutes, but then he started scratching and his fur covered my face, making me itchy and it hard to breathe without getting a hairball.  That wasn’t cool.  I finally pried him off of my face and sat him down next to me.  And rolled over only to have my feet hit Zoey on the bottom of the bed.  So there I was, trying to make room for myself between my sprawled out kitties.  Finally we all fell back asleep.

I know they are excited about having the windows open and being able to enjoy the breeze from the sill or from the comforts of my bed (or face), but damn guys.  Can you give me a little breathing room (literally)?  If not, you guys might get the boot to the hallway.

I can only imagine what waits for me tonight…