I woke up at 8 in the morning on Sunday to overcast skies, once again (stupid Faye).  For once in my life I did not hit snooze 45 times.  I had butterflies in my stomach.  I rolled over and kissed T then hopped in the shower.  JD, ASP and I all rode together and grabbed some bagels to munch on while we got ready.  We decided to get ready at the wedding site since I was having all kinds of problems finding a suitable place for all of us to get ready at.  By the time the 3 of us arrived, my hair and make up team were already there and had gotten started on CMc and my sister.  I was worried that the room would be too small for all of us to get ready in, but it worked perfectly.  CoLo showed up with fresh fruit and mimosas, so we were all set!  T and the groomsmen showed up around noon, along with my parents.  Of course T and I sucked at staying apart and spent a decent amount of the time interacting before the ceremony.  I really like the way Hillary recapped her wedding, so I might steal her idea (I don’t want to leave anything important out).  So let’s get started!

August 24, 2008. We elected to get married on a Sunday because it saves so much money in the grand scheme of things.  I was actually really close to hitting the budget my parents and I had outlined in the beginning.  We only went a couple grand over.  🙂  Plus this allowed us some extra time to hang out with out of town guests who arrived on Friday.  The only negative was that a lot of people did have to work on Monday so they left sort of early.  But the wedding only went until 10, which is not late at all.  All I have to say about that is, some people could have sucked it up a little more and stayed till the end.

Bridesmaids. My bridesmaids were awesome.  They were so helpful and so cute.  ASP, who has been one of my best friends since 7th grade, cried the second I stepped into my dress.  It was really sweet because out of all of my friends she shows the least amount of emotion.  She said she proceeded to cry throughout the rest of the day.  When I got too teary, they made me laugh so I wouldn’t mess up my make up.  When I had a wedgie and couldn’t get to it because of the many layers of dress, they helped me pick it out (that is true friendship people).  When I was sweating my ass off on the dance floor or just sitting around, they would gather around me to fan me with the many layers of my dress.

Bing’s Angels

Bouquet Toss: The bouquet toss was pretty entertaining.  JD totally told people it was hers, and she was going to catch it no matter what.  And that she did.  She rushed it and grabbed it.  No one else even had a shot! 🙂

JD and her prize

Ceremony: I am so glad we opted for a video, because I honestly can’t remember what was said / happened.  With all of the excitement and nerves, I couldn’t really focus on what the priest was saying.  Poor T was roasting in his tux, plus I think he was nervous, so he kept sweating.  I spent a majority of the time blowing on his face or looking up so I didn’t cry.  During the vows, he got a little teary-eyed, which made me choke up when it was time for me to say mine.  I barely got the last line out, “So help me God.”  It went a little like this…”So, squeak…help…sniff sniff…me…choke choke, God.”  Everyone had a nice little laugh about that one.  Some words of advice:  Make sure you rehearse the entire ceremony.  We mainly focused on where we would stand and such.  The priest told us what he was going to do and when, but we never heard the actual ceremony until the wedding.  At one point he had everyone raise their right hands, and the bridal party was so confused.  T and I weren’t sure if we were supposed to do anything (we weren’t), some of the bridesmaids actually lifted their flowers first, then their hands.  The groomsmen all lifted their left hands first since they were standing with their left hands over their right.  Then the best man saw my dad shaking his head no, so he switched to the right hand and the other groomsmen followed.  Then I think the priest forgot about T and I lighting the unity candle.  So he had announced us, and we started to walk back down the aisle when he stopped us and told us to do the candle.  He handed us the lighter and we held onto it and lit it together.  We never used the other candles.  Doh.  I can’t wait to see the video!

Confusion over the unity candle

Cupcake Cake. T and I decided that we wanted to have a cupcake cake as opposed to the tradition multi-tiered version.  We figured it would give people more flavor options, and they could eat more if they wanted to.  It was awesome.  Everyone loved them and they were super tasty and looke so great!

The cupcake cake and our flowers

Dress.  I loved my dress!  It was gorgeous and fit me really well.  But man did that thing make me hot!  And it slightly hindered my dancing abilities because people kept stepping on it and eventually ripped a couple of the bustles so they train ended up dragging behind me.  Oh well.  I used it as a prop when I was dancing!  And it made a great fan when I was hot.

Getting into the dress

Entertainment.  Our DJ was awesome!  He was from Long Island, had a crazy accent, and wasn’t one of those old stuffy Southern guys (you know the kind I’m talking about).  He played great music that had everyone dancing.  At one point, Z (one of the groomsmen) and our friend Drew cleared the dance floor and  busted out with some old school hip-hop dancing, tick and pop and lock style.  People loved it!  Z even got T’s 90 year old grandmother out of her walker to dance.  It was so funny and cute!  The DJ also helped save the day when the tux company (Savvi Formal Wear) goofed up T’s dad’s jacket and didn’t bring him a new one in time.  The DJ let T’s dad borrow his for the ceremony.  And of course the tux guy shodwe up right after the ceremony ended, figures.  That was my only bridezilla moment, and I was laughing about it.  The videographer was taping me and egging me on to be a bitch.  I wasn’t too evil.   I called the tux company to get it straightened out because they had told me if there were any problems with the tuxes, they could go to their warehouse and exchange it.  The day of, they tell me it’s closed on Sunday.  Um, hello.  You knew this was happening on Sunday when we initially decided to work with you.  I would have been ok with it all, but then they were asses and wouldn’t give T’s dad a refund.  They gave him a certificate for a free tux rental.  Whatever.  That was one of the “things that will go wrong,” but in the end it didn’t really matter.

Entrances: T and I decided that we wanted each birdesmaid and groomsman to choose their own introduction/entrance song.  I am so happy that we did this.  It made for some awesome pictures and the other guests went wild.  Plus everyone chose great songs.  We had “You Dropped a Bomb on Me,” “This is Why I’m Hot,”  “Where the Party At,” “L.O.V.E.,” and “I’m Too Sexy for my Shirt.”   T and I chose “I Believe in a Thing Called Love.”

We are totally rock stars!  I wish I had my mouth closed.

Flowers: My flowers were amazing.  I had no real idea what they were going to look like.  I had just given the florist some specifics on what I liked and didn’t.  I basically wanted a ton of tropical flowers with bright colors and barely any white.  White flowers are boring and blend in, and I’m not a fan of them.  He got it exactly right.  The bouquets were so cool.  Lots of reds, oranges, greenery and even feathers.  I guess we had a slight miscommunication because I thought I was getting a toss bouquet but they hadn’t made me one.  Do you know what they did?  They went back to their shop and made me one.  I was super impressed.  The boutonnieres were super elegant and unique too.  They were mango colored calla lillies with a fern frond (aka monkey tail) behind them.  They looked great, but kept falling apart from the hugs everyone was getting.  Oh well.  At least they survived the pictures.

Food: The food was delicious.  I just wish I would have actually eaten more of it.  With all of the excitement (and fears of random stomach problems) I didn’t eat as much as I wanted.  But the stuff I did manage to eat was so tasty.  I’m glad we were able to box some of it up and take it back to the hotel for late night eating.

First Dance: T and I danced to Sinatra’s “World on a String,” the song he proposed to me to.  It was slightly awkward because we didn’t practice at all, and we were hell bent on not just doing the middle school sway back and forth.  No one warned me about how hard it was to dance in a giant dress.  I kept stepping on it!  But we definitely got some great shots during it and even managed to get in a few spins and a dramatic dip at the end.

There was a lot of this going on

Guestbook: I am so glad that I didn’t spend a fortune on a fancy fance guestbook.  People signed it, but I’m pretty sure not everyone did.  I looked through it, but I doubt it will be something that I will revisit very often.  What we did do that was awesome was a variation of a photo guestbook.  My dad set up a digital camera near the bar and brought in a dry erase board for people to write messages on for T and me.  That was such a great idea.  People wrote the funniest things and the pictures are hilarious.  Now we just need to take it somewhere to get printed.  I totally recommend doing some sort of digital guestbook!

Garter Toss: Instead of just tossing the garter, T and some of the groomsmen decided it would be funnier to stick it on ASP’s boyfriends head, so that’s what they did.  T pretended to toss it while 2 of the groomsmen circled Chris and voila, garter on his head.  We all nearly died!


Hair: I am soooo glad that I decided to go with an updo.  It was so hot and humid outside (even though I never really went out because it rained off and on the entire day) that I’m sure if I had left it down it would not have been pretty.  The updo was beautiful and showed off my funky highlights.  Topped with my veil and tiara, it was the perfect combo.  The veil, did not stay on past the ceremony.  People kept nearly ripping my head off when the went to hug me when I had it on because they’d get tangled in it.  It wasn’t fun.

Honeymoon: Mexico, right outside of Cancun.  It was seriously heaven on earth.  And it deserves it’s very own post.

Phew…that was some work.  Stay tuned for part 2!  🙂