When T and I first got engaged, I decided that I would in fact change my last name to his.  I want us both to have the same last name because to me it feels like a family should have the same last name.  I know a lot of people don’t think that way, and it’s cool.  But that’s just how I feel.  I am a little sad to give up my last name completely because once I change my name and if my sister does one day, our last name will disappear.  There are no sons to carry it on.

For a while I debated on trying to hyphenate it, but it didn’t sound right.  Using it as my middle was weird too.  Plus I like my middle name and want to keep it.  Then I thought I could have 2 middle names – my current one, plus my old last name – but that’s just too weird too.  In the end I will be my real first name, real middle name and T’s last name.

Anyway, I decided I would start the process for getting my name changed so we can combine our accounts and be unified.  Well, I wasn’t 100% sure what the exact process was, so I did what any normal 25 year old would do.  I google searched.  Most of the stuff I found talked about going to your county clerk’s office to file an official name changed petition.  It sounded fine but complicated, so I called my county to double check.  They told me the same thing.  So I printed out all of the forms, got some of them notarized, and decided to go to the courthouse today on my lunch break to get this thing rolling.

It took about 20 minutes to get to the courthouse from my office.  I finally found a parking spot in a lot that charged $5 for 0-30 minutes (a total fucking rip off), but I parked there anyway because I didn’t want to have to drive all over.  I walked to the courthouse and tried to walk in when I ran into a line of people.  I was slightly confused, then remembered you have to go through security to get into government buildings.  Fine.  I’m standing there surveying the line when I realize that the 10-12 people ahead of me all have book bags on.  I figure they must be on a field trip.  It seriously took 15 minutes just to get through the security to get into the building because all of their damn bags had to be searched.  I finally made it through the scan/metal detector area when I was stopped.  I have a can of hairspray in my purse, which can’t be brought into the building.  WTF?  I seriously don’t get it.  I mean I guess someone could try to turn it into a flame thrower or torch by spraying it on a lighter, but who wouldn’t be able to stop that from happening.  I checked my hairspray with the security guard and headed into the clerk’s office.

I waited for about 5 minutes before I could get to a window to speak with someone.  When I first walked up, the lady was talking to the person next to her so I was just left standing there waiting.  She finally looked over and asked me what I needed.  I told her that I needed to get my name changed, and she started rambling about going to the DMV, etc.  She was really hard to understand, but I was able to decipher that I didn’t even need to be there because I could just go to the DMV to get it changed.  If it was so easy, then why the hell couldn’t anyone tell me that before I wasted my time driving all over the fucking place to get this done?  Grrr…..Now I have to take another day to go to the DMV and get it changed.  You think they would put it on a Web site or inform people to tell you that when you call in and ask exactly what you need to do to get your name changed.  I am so annoyed at this right now.  Idiots!  And I’m pissed that I had to pay $5 for no reason.  Since I got stuck behind the field trip assholes, I came back after the 15-minute free parking grace period.  Boo!